Angelus Press is currently running an ad to sell Father’s Day merchandise. This ad depicts a man praying in a conciliar church. At the front of the church is a tabernacle stuck against the front wall but with no altar (since conciliar tables are moveable and are wheeled in and out).

We don’t include a copy of this photo depicting the conciliar church because it is protected by copyright and we don’t have the owner’s permission to use his property. Here is a link showing this photo (for the conciliar cathedral of Hartford). At this link, the same photo identifies the owner and declares his copyright protection.

By contrast, Angelus Press copied this same photo but carefully cropped out the owner’s name and his notice of copyright protection.

Of course, the “new” SSPX has countless photos of its own churches. Why would the SSPX use a photo showing a conciliar church? Because the “new” SSPX wanted to depict a conciliar church, to acclimate its priests and laymen to accept the sights of the conciliar revolution.

When Bishop Fellay was recently asked if the SSPX [can] be confident of the support of SSPX churchgoers for reconciliation, he stated:

It will be quite a work, and it will take time to be able to bring the faithful to realize this new face in the history of the Church, this new reality ....

In other words, Bishop Fellay recognizes that, over time, he has to change the way the priests and laymen see things, and get them accustomed to accepting the “new reality” of the conciliar church. How else could the “new” SSPX ever fit into the conciliar church? (How often has he and the “new” SSPX assured us that “nothing has changed”?)

Thus, the “new” SSPX acclimates the faithful to accept the conciliar church, by: