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Bishop Williamson used to say that no one should ever attend the new mass. He further declared that no one should attend the new mass any more than a person should attend a satanic mass.

Then Bishop Williamson began to contradict himself and to say the exact opposite. He began to say that a person should attend the new mass if it helps him.

This “new” Bishop Williamson now continues to “unpack” the logical consequences of his new, liberal, subjectivist1 principle, which he formulates this way (emphasis added):

Do whatever you need to nourish your Faith.

Bishop Williamson now declares that a person can attend not only a new mass but also a feeneyite mass or a sedevacantist mass, provided the person feels it helps “nourish” his faith, in his personal situation.

Further, this “new” Bishop Williamson falsely and scandalously promotes the Anglican sect as a place where a person can find truth and the true worship of God.

In case anyone (wrongly) assumes that Bishop Williamson’s promotion of attending the new mass applied only to poor, invincibly-ignorant, conciliar Catholics, he recently showed that this assumption is false and that even all well-informed Traditional Catholics can receive grace at the new mass. Here are his words (emphasis added):

Question: Then, does it mean that those knowing what they know, such as the souls here, could go to that [Novus Ordo Mass] and expect to receive grace?

Bishop Williamson: If anybody here who knows what the Novus Ordo means went back to the Novus Ordo—pffffff!—then [pause]—why would they want to go back? [laughter] Well, it’s—I would—they can receive grace. But they have to judge the priest ...

Bishop Williamson is wrong that the new mass ever gives grace, as shown by the principles laid out by the Council of Trent, St. Thomas Aquinas and many other Doctors and Fathers of the Church. In asserting that the new mass gives grace, Bishop Williamson also contradicts the truth that Archbishop Lefebvre handed down to him.

Bishop Williamson approves of Traditional Catholics attending some new masses, though not other ones, because—he insists—“many” —but not all —Novus Ordo Masses “push toward liberalism”. Here are his recent words to Traditional Catholics in Texas (emphasis added):

A Mass which clearly pushes towards liberalism, like many Novus Ordo Masses, those you can’t attend.

So, according to this “new” Bishop Williamson, Traditional Catholics can attend only those new masses which do not “clearly push towards liberalism”. Of course, the truth is that all new masses are inherently protestantized. They don’t go “toward” liberalism, because they are already there. They are inherently liberal.

Let us pray for poor Bishop Williamson! He had done much good in the past and could yet return to Catholic Tradition and do much good in the future!

Let us also pray for Bishop Aquinas, Bishop Faure, and the Dominican priests in AvrillĂ©, France, who work with Bishop Williamson and who keep their heads down, pretending that Bishop Williamson is not repeating and broadening his liberal errors which attack the core principles of Traditional Catholicism. By the silence of those bishops and priests, they are “enablers” of Bishop Williamson’s betrayal of Catholic Tradition.

As St. Pius X declared concerning such cowardice:

In our time more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men. ... All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easy-going weakness of Catholics.2

Addendum: Bishop Williamson’s Money and Power

There are many reasons why Bishop Williamson’s followers stay loyal to him no matter how much liberalism he spews. Some, like Fr. Zendejas, agree with his liberalism. Other priests fear losing access to holy oils and the Sacrament of Confirmation for their flocks.

Many disagree with Bishop Williamson’s liberalism but they are “scared-loyal” because of his power.

BRN Associates, Inc.—Bishop Williamson’s Fundraising Juggernaut

One of Bishop Williamson’s largest sources of income is a corporation called “BRN3 Associates, Inc.”, a Virginia corporation, with a “branch” corporation in Connecticut. He promotes this fundraising corporation on his website.4

BRN Associates rakes in over $600,000 per year.5

Bishop Williamson uses much of the money to bankroll the work of supposed members of the Resistance who “toe the Williamson line”. One such person is liberal-leaning Fr. Zendejas.6

Bishop Williamson’s unconditional followers

Bishop Williamson knows that he has followers all over the world who will believe whatever he teaches, regardless of whether his current teaching is the opposite of what he used to teach. Some of those followers will attack anyone who continues to hold what they themselves held recently (before they followed Bishop Williamson in completely reversing their position).

One example of such followers is those who follow Bishop Williamson in his complete reversal about the new mass and who now condemn the position they themselves had held just a year or two ago, before Bishop Williamson reversed course. They now attack persons who hold what they themselves recently held, before their reversal.

How can any person in Bishop Williamson’s position resist the intoxicating temptation of seeing his followers treat whatever he says as wise and true, even when he now contradicts what he recently said?

How (nearly) impossible is it for a person to keep his bearings when he has “gobs” of money, he is treated like a king and a celebrity all around the world and he has unconditional followers who follow wherever he leads!

This slippery slope is (humanly speaking) irresistible! St. Ignatius of Loyola warns us that money and worldly honor are the usual way that the devil snares souls:

He has first to tempt with a longing for riches—as he is accustomed to do in most cases—that men may more easily come to vain honor of the world, and then to vast pride. So that the first step shall be that of riches; the second, that of honor; the third, that of pride.7

We pity Bishop Williamson, facing this satanic attack about which St. Ignatius warns! Bishop Williamson is in such great danger! Let us re-double our prayers for him!

  1. Bishop Williamson promotes the heretical doctrine of Situation Ethics by promoting bad things (like the new mass) as “good” for whoever decides it is “right” for his own situation. See Bishop Williamson’s own words, with citations and our analysis here: ./williamson-teaches-situation-ethics.html
  2. Quoted from Pope St. Pius X’s December 13, 1908 discourse, at the Beatification of Joan of Arc.
  3. Perhaps unable to think of the name of any saint, after which to name this corporation, Bishop Williamson named it after himself: “BRN” stands for “Bishop Richard Nelson [Williamson]”. (“Nelson” is his middle name.)
  4. The website also declares, St. Marcel Initiative [is] a tradename of BRN Associates, Inc.
  5. Bishop Williamson’s corporation has filed these two full-year disclosures to date: 2013 & 2014
  6. An example of Bishop Williamson bankrolling Fr. Zendejas.
  7. Fourth Day; Meditation on the Two Standards