Previously, Bishop Williamson stated that we should not attend a valid new mass any more than we should attend a satanic mass. Here are his words:

The new mass is in any case illicit. ... If it [the new mass] is valid, illicit, may I attend? No. I may no more attend a valid, illicit [new] mass than I may attend a satanic mass.1

Now, Bishop Williamson teaches that a person should attend the new mass if it helps him. Here are the bishop’s words:

Do whatever you need to nourish your Faith. ... I would not say that every single person must stay away from every single novus ordo mass.2

Question for Bishop Williamson: Since:

Let us pray for poor Bishop Williamson! He is leading his unthinking and “obedient” followers to spiritual destruction! He has done much good in the past and he could still do much good if he comes back to Catholic Tradition!

  1. These words from Bishop Williamson are found in a conference on YouTube, at 49 seconds and at 2 minutes 38 seconds (emphasis added).
  2. His words are in a June 28 2015 conference. (emphasis added).