In 2015, Bishop Williamson publicly told a woman attending his conference that she should attend the unholy new mass for supposed spiritual help. As all traditionalists should know, the new mass is the evil service of the conciliar religion, and no good comes from it, only evil. If you don’t know that, you are not a traditionalist, only a weak, low-information Catholic.

Bishop Williamson then tried to justify his misguided advice, by promoting supposed (false) “miracles” at the new mass which he said show the good that can come from the new mass. Bishop Williamson has a history of jumping on the “miracle” bandwagon and he uses false “miracles” to justify himself and to grab attention.

Many times in years past, he spoke in favor of the false apparitions at Garabandal and recently referred his readers to a pro-Garabandal website (Eleison Comments #492). This website promotes conciliar (false) “miracles” and many other conciliar errors, such as the new mass concelebrated by nine (so-called) “priests”, facing the people, and such as the conciliar practice of declaring departed friends to be already in heaven.1

The more one investigates, the more plainly one sees that Bishop Williamson is gullible and is wrong in adhering to Garabandal and the false “eucharistic miracles” which both Bishop Williamson and the Garabandal website promote.

A quote from St. Paul should help Bishop Williamson see the light if he “has eyes to see” what is necessary to save souls and not mislead them:

But ... if an angel from heaven preached a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.

Galatians 1:8.

Miracles are ... primarily for the spiritual good of others.2 To promote the attendance at the evil new mass for supposed spiritual help based on the so-called “miracles” promoted by Bishop Williamson, is definitely not a spiritual good for others.

Bishop Williamson is wasting so much time with false conciliar “miracles” which are also promoted on conciliar websites, trying to justify his bad advice to attend the new mass, which is the liturgy of the new conciliar religion. This forces others to take valuable time pointing out his errors which are corrupting souls. There are many other worthwhile topics which must be emphasized and analyzed regarding the crisis in the Church (and in the N-SSPX), including the pope trying to corrupt the Catholic Faith.

Lately, Bishop Williamson has recommended that all traditional Catholics— if they feel the need—go to the new mass, and also assured them that they can find truth and true worship of God among the Anglican heretics. How could he be more wrong? As the saying goes, if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. With all the ill-advice Bishop Williamson has given out already, I’m afraid to think what could be next.

As for Bishop Williamson, enough is enough! He promotes ever-more-widely the evils and deceptions of the conciliar church. He has completely ruined his credibility. An analogy can best describe his thinking that we should attend the new mass if we feel we get good out of it. In his mind, heroin (i.e., the new mass) is good if it makes you feel happy (i.e., if you feel it gives you spiritual help). However, you could overdose and die. But it is okay to take heroin anyway because you will die feeling happy.

Is he someone you should stake your salvation on? Not a chance!

Let’s summarize: Bishop Williamson has done great work in the past for the salvation of souls. He gave some terrible advice to attend the evil new mass, etc., and refuses to correct his mistake. Making it worse, he promotes false “miracles” which are bad fruit from that bad tree. His reasoning is backwards: he says the “fruit” (i.e., the conciliar “miracles”) is good, thus, the tree (i.e., the new mass) must be a good tree. But Our Lord tells us to reason the opposite way: because the tree is bad (i.e., the new mass), the fruit must be bad (i.e., the “miracles” are false and not from God). A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

In any murder investigation, it is crucial to consider who benefited by the murder. Likewise, when investigating conciliar “miracles” at the new mass, ask yourself: who benefits by promoting (supposed) miracles occurring at the liturgy of the new conciliar religion (i.e., the new mass)? The answer to that question helps anyone with Catholic common sense to plainly see the horns and tail which Satan cannot entirely hide in these works.

It appears that Pope Francis and Bishops Williamson and Fellay are in a race to see who can be more liberal. To date, Pope Francis is winning and is most liberal. Let’s pray that Bishop Williamson drops out of the race. We need him to return to his former self, saving souls. Let us pray that he drops the false “miracles” which promote the devil’s work (the new mass).

There are some in the Resistance who may think the Catholic Candle and this writer are too hard on Bishop Williamson. We are not against Bishop Williamson as a person. I know Bishop Williamson and I like him. But I hate liberalism. His liberalism must be exposed and countered to avoid (as much as possible) the loss of souls.

Of course, we should continue to pray for the bishops and the pope that they stop promoting conciliar novelties and humbly return to the traditional Catholic Faith.

  1. See, e.g., this conciliar declaration: Patrick past away at 1:00am EST ... without a doubt he is in heaven!!!
  2. 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, article: Gift of Miracles.