Pope Francis’s Amoris Lætitia is a complete disaster! It erodes Catholic teaching on marriage, attacks the natural law, and teaches many heresies.1 Yet Bishop Fellay praises this evil document, falsely saying it contains many things that are correct and beautiful.2

More recently, the “new” SSPX said that many things in Amoris Lætitia appear to contradict prior Catholic teaching. Here are the “new” SSPX’s words:

AL [Amoris Lætitia] itself contains numerous passages which appear on their face to be in conflict with prior Catholic teaching.3

There are two grave evils in the “new” SSPX’s statement:

In its recent comments, the “new” SSPX states that the problem with Amoris Lætitia and “certain documents” of Vatican II may not be solely an incorrect interpretation of the documents. Here are the “new” SSPX’s words:

[T]he problem with AL and certain documents of Vatican II may not be hermeneutical, but substantive. That is to say, it may not be the interpretation of these documents which is solely responsible for certain problems in the Church but rather the documents themselves.5

In this statement, the “new” SSPX betrays the Catholic Faith in three ways:

  1. First, the “new” SSPX minimizes the evil in Amoris Lætitia and in all the documents of Vatican II because those documents contain very many explicit heresies.6 Each of these many heresies in the documents make them worthy of condemnation. The problem is not merely a mistaken interpretation.
  2. The “new” SSPX also minimizes the evil in these documents in a second way, because they plainly contain countless ambiguities. Those ambiguities are a very grave evil in the documents and this alone is enough to completely condemn them. Yet the “new” SSPX minimizes the truth and only says there “may” be problems in the documents themselves. The documents themselves are plainly ambiguous and thus the documents themselves are plainly evil!

  3. Third, Vatican II is a universal and unprecedented disaster! The “new” SSPX minimizes the Vatican II disaster by saying that Vatican II’s documents “may” share some responsibility for “certain” unspecified “problems”.

Further, the cowardly “new” SSPX refuses to make the obvious connection that Amoris Lætitia was designed to do what it is doing. Pope Francis wrote Amoris Lætitia and approves the institutionalized sacrileges and other evil changes which implement it, which reject the Catholic Faith, and which attack Traditional Catholic practice.

The weak-kneed “new” SSPX states that it is an “unsettling fact” that Pope Francis implements the (evil) Amoris Lætitia “on the basis of what AL appears to teach”. Here are the “new” SSPX’s words:

[Cardinal Müller] does not confront directly the unsettling fact that Pope Francis, along with several bishops’ conferences around the world, have pushed forward the possibility of granting Communion to the divorced and remarried on the basis of what AL appears to teach.7

A real soldier of Christ fights the enemy head-on! Amoris Lætitia and all Vatican II documents are the enemies’ tools to deliberately corrupt the human element of the Catholic Church.8 Only cowards like the “new” SSPX wring their hands about “unsettling facts”, without strongly condemning the insidious evil of Amoris Lætitia, and its author’s (i.e., Pope Francis’s) implementation of that evil!

The wimpy “new” SSPX merely says it might have been better to denounce certain passages, if not the whole document. Here are the “new” SSPX’s words:

It would have arguably been better for Cardinal Müller to have denounced those passages in AL (if not the exhortation as a whole).9

A real soldier of Christ has complete contempt for these weasel-words when the Catholic Faith and the salvation of souls is at stake! A real soldier of Christ does not say it is “arguably better” if there were some limited denunciation of part of this thoroughly poisonous document! The “new” SSPX’s contemptibly weak statement is like the (following) feeble statement that could be made against abortion:

It would be arguably better to condemn certain types of abortion, (if not all abortions).

It is Cardinal Müller’s duty (as well as the SSPX’s duty) to utterly condemn this evil document (viz., Amoris Lætitia)! It is no surprise that Cardinal Müller and the “new” SSPX completely fail to protect the Catholic Faith. Cardinal Müller is not a true protector of the Catholic Faith any more than the “new” SSPX is a true voice of Catholic Tradition.

Life is short and they will soon be Judged. Let us pray they convert while they still have time.

  1. Sedevacantism is wrong and Catholic Candle is not sedevacantist. In fact, we published a nine-part series setting out the errors of sedevacantism (and also why it is a grave error and is material schism to believe that former Pope Benedict XVI continues to be pope). A reader would be mistaken to believe that the present article gives any support to sedevacantism or to the idea that Pope Francis is not the pope. Even though Amoris Lætitia is heretical, it would be a mortal sin of rash judgment to conclude we know that Pope Francis is a formal heretic and is not the pope. See this explanation of the sedevacantist sin of rash judgment. Pope John XXII’s teaching (in the 14th century) provides an example of a pre-Vatican II pope contradicting a doctrine that the Church has always taught infallibly (although his denial of infallible Catholic doctrine did not prevent him from being pope).
  2. Find the longer quote from Bishop Fellay, cited back to the SSPX source.
  3. Bracketed words added. Read this entire dose of poison on the “new” SSPX’s website.
  4. For example, former Pope Benedict XVI is quite willing to say that the conciliar church’s teaching contradicts some (outdated) “prior Catholic teachings” which were meant for a different era. Read his words, cited back to the Vatican’s own publication.
  5. Emphasis added. Read this entire new dose of poison on the “new” SSPX’s website.
  6. For more information about the countless explicit heresies of the Vatican II documents, see this article and see these in-depth analyses: Lumen Gentium Annotated & “A comparison of Vatican II’s teaching to the consistent teaching of the Catholic Church before Vatican II”
  7. Emphasis added. Read this entire dose of poison on the “new” SSPX’s website.
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  9. Emphasis added. Read this entire dose of poison on the “new” SSPX’s website.