One important modernist heresy is that everyone goes to heaven. Some modernists teach this openly.
Other modernists, especially before Vatican II, approached their goal (viz., teaching the heresy of universal salvation) by incremental steps. One such step is to declare that God gives grace to everyone, as Vatican II taught and as Bishop Williamson now teaches.
For Vatican II’s and Bishop Williamson’s own words from their own sources, read the article analyzing this liberal error, at this link: ../faith/heresy-everyone-receives-grace.html
A faithful and informed Catholic knows that God does not give everyone grace (e.g., unbaptized babies who die before the age of reason).
Another way the modernists approach their goal (viz., teaching universal salvation) is to slowly accustom people to this idea by simply declaring each deceased person we know, to now be in heaven. In this way, people gradually get the impression that everyone goes to heaven because they see each deceased person—one-by-one—declared to be in heaven. Thus, the (false) conciliar church indicates each deceased person is in heaven by:
The N-SSPX has now begun following the conciliar liberals by declaring that its own deceased are in heaven. This is un-Catholic!
One example of this occurred after the May 1, 2018 death of an N-SSPX priest. The N-SSPX U.S. District sent out a funeral card to its mailing list, saying that this deceased priest was:
Born: December 12, 1962
Ordained: June 29, 1987
Entered into Eternal Life: May 1, 2018
(Emphasis added).
As every Catholic knows, the phrase “Eternal Life” means heaven. For example, here are Our Lord’s words, when He is describing how at the Final Judgment, at the end of the world, everyone will go to either hell or heaven:
And these [viz., the wicked] shall go into eternal punishment: but the just, into Eternal Life.
St. Matthew’s Gospel, ch. 25:46 (emphasis added).
Thus, when the N-SSPX funeral card asserts that its priest has “Entered Eternal Life”, the N-SSPX is asserting that its deceased priest is certainly in heaven. Of course, every faithful and informed Catholic knows that the N-SSPX cannot be—and is not—really sure of this. The N-SSPX’s claim means not only that its priest is not in hell but also that he bypassed Purgatory and entered heaven on the day he died.
Faithful and informed Catholics know that everyone who dies in the state of grace (but with temporal punishment due to his sins) must purge this debt in Purgatory before he can go to heaven. The N-SSPX is un-Catholic not only to declare that its priest is in heaven but also that he went to heaven on May 1, 2018 (the day he died).
Making this claim, the N-SSPX imitates the (false) conciliar church which informally “canonizes” people at the local level. In stark contrast to the “new” SSPX and the (false) conciliar church, truly Catholic funeral cards (before Vatican II) always stated the deceased person’s death date; but Catholics were never so rash as to give the date the person went to heaven.

Rome and the N-SSPX seek to legitimize their new liberal direction through “canonizations”.

Rome “canonizes” the leaders of Vatican II attempting to legitimize the council. Rome’s implied message is that the council must be good because it is the council promoted by the “saints”, e.g., (supposed) “Saint” John Paul II (called “the Great”).
The “new” SSPX has begun moving toward accepting all conciliar canonizations. It now praises and promotes many politically correct conciliar so-called “saints”. See, e.g., the N-SSPX’s words cited and quoted from their own sources, here: ../priests/sspx-the-new-sspx-continues-to-promote-more-conciliar-socalled-saints-and-blesseds.html
There are some conciliar so-called “saints” which the N-SSPX’s followers are not yet ready to accept. For these, the N-SSPX gradually accustoms its followers to accepting them as “saints”, by praising them, as the N-SSPX praises Pope John Paul II (although he was one of the worst popes in history) for his supposed personal “holiness”. Read the article here, quoting the “new” SSPX’s own words from its own source: ../priests/bouchacourt-promoted-superior-france.html
Similarly, the N-SSPX “canonizes” its own deceased, attempting to legitimize the N-SSPX’s new liberal direction. The N-SSPX’s implied message is that the Society’s new direction must be good because it is the direction promoted by the N-SSPX’s recent “saints”, such as this priest who died on May 1, 2018.
This N-SSPX priest (RIP) publicly stated there is “very rarely” a good reason to attack Vatican II from the pulpit. Read his own words here: ../priests/sspx-cooper-silent-vatican-ii.html
The N-SSPX priest also promoted blind obedience to the SSPX when he stated that “To break with Bishop Fellay is tantamount to breaking with the Roman Church.” ../priests/sspx-cooper-faithful-fellay.html
May God have mercy on this priest’s soul and not hold his liberalism to his charge! We will keep the repose of his soul in our daily prayers.
Of course, the SSPX did not always talk this liberal way. This type of “canonization” is part of the SSPX’s new direction. When Archbishop Lefebvre died, the SSPX was not so liberal and shameless as to proclaim on his funeral card that he went to heaven on the day he died.
See Archbishop Lefebvre’s funeral card.


Beware of the N-SSPX’s new liberal direction! The N-SSPX is now both too quick to declare someone in heaven and tries to “canonize” its new liberalism by “canonizing” its deceased! This is another example of the N-SSPX trying to change the language of Catholic Tradition to be in step with conciliar Rome and recondition N-SSPX followers for the coming deal with modernist Rome.