The New-SSPX leaders promote liberalism and mislead the faithful.

Tragically, most people tolerate the not-so-subtle liberalism and foolishly trust the misguided leadership.

Yet, thankfully, there are still thinking Traditionalists who have that “special love” for the Faith and its Founder and who refuse to tolerate any liberalism, no matter how small or how deceptively presented or promoted.

Let’s start by exposing just how fraudulent and deceptive the N-SSPX leadership is

(i.e., Bishop Fellay). I’ll list just a few of their liberal positions:

Compare the above with Archbishop Lefebvre’s saying: It is, therefore, a strict duty for every priest wanting to remain Catholic to separate himself from this Conciliar Church [i.e., Vatican II], for as long as it does not rediscover the Tradition of the Church and of the Catholic Faith. Spiritual Journey, ch.3 (emphasis added)

It should take only one of the above liberal points to disturb a thinking person, but any person who can overlook one, will manage to overlook them all. Have you noticed the leaders of the N-SSPX have not really tried to defend the above liberal positions? I think this is due to their arrogance towards the faithful; plus, how could they really defend the indefensible?

Let’s review just the first and second of the N-SSPX liberal positions listed above. Bishop Fellay wants to make a deal with Modernist Rome and is willing to sell out his former Traditional principles to make that happen. I believe Rome dictates to the N-SSPX that they must accept VC II and all its errors in order to gain recognition. Why do I say that?

Because, otherwise, why mention anything about accepting any part of VC II since that could cause thinking laymen and priests to defect from the N-SSPX. But no, Rome insisted that Bishop Fellay accept 95% of the errors of Vatican II. If that weren’t the case, he could have softened the blow by accepting...say, 10% of its teachings, hoping to avoid defections.

Rome also insisted that he agree that many of the texts are traditional. Rome wouldn’t let Bishop Fellay try to slip a statement past the members of the N-SSPX that only a few of the texts are traditional. Undoubtedly, when the deal is made, Rome will control the N-SSPX, seeing how Bishop Fellay is so compliant in order to be recognized by Rome.

Now regarding the “tolerators”, i.e., those willing to tolerate the liberalism: Why do so many priests and faithful tolerate the misinformation and liberalism put out by Bishop Fellay and the “new” SSPX leadership? The Webster definition of tolerance might help us: A relative capacity to endure or adapt physiologically to an unfavorable environmental factor.

I believe that they tolerate the liberalism mostly because they are afraid to look into and analyze the liberal poison that the N-SSPX flirts with and promotes. They fear what they will find. It might require them to do something they don’t want to do—join the Resistance. So they choose to put out of their minds the punishment that awaits them at their personal judgment if they take the “path of least resistance.”

The bottom line is they believe what they want to believe and what doesn’t interfere with their comfortable status quo. Surely no excuse will positively affect the decision by the Eternal Judge. It’s also likely that they are just too lazy to fight. They may also feel they don’t want to go through the bother of trying to explain why they joined the Resistance. They would be embarrassed and their friends and family would criticize them. They should recall that St. Augustine teaches: If one loves, one does not suffer, or if one does suffer, the very suffering is loved.

The tolerators have an ability to overlook liberalism creeping in, all around them. They fear daily that the leaders of the N-SSPX will make a careless mistake and fail to cover up their liberalism to such a point that the tolerators could not rationalize it and must take decisive action. Even they would not accept a new mass once a month in their parish. (And that’s coming, for sure.)

Or, … would they accept the new mass? It depends on how they use the graces given. They haven’t used their graces well so far.

It also depends on how long they weaken their consciences in the N-SSPX environment of liberalism.

Thinking Traditionalists (those who have joined the Resistance), are a small group. But they have a soul-stirring and deep-felt burning love for the Catholic Faith and its Founder. They are fighters and will not tolerate liberalism to any degree. This type of love is referred to as “that special love”.

This group is growing little by little but is under daily attack by the devil (as expected).

Because the Resistance lacks good leadership, they are an easy target for those who obstruct the Truth. The obvious, self-appointed leaders don’t promote harmony and (even more importantly) don’t promote the uncompromising cause of the Truth. They obstruct, sow discontent, and hinder our growth and success.

Let’s continue our daily prayers for the poor blind N-SSPX leaders, and for all the weak tolerators, whose salvation is thus in jeopardy. Let us pray for the return of the “new” SSPX to the standards which Archbishop Lefebvre set for the “old” SSPX.

Lastly, of course, let us offer special prayers for the perseverance of Resistance Catholics—that they grow in number, strength and that “special love” for Christ!