Catholic Candle note: The article below was written by a man who has always been Traditional Catholic and who has been continually fighting liberalism since before Vatican II.

Why do I say that? Because the “new” SSPX has recently published two statements that pervert and twist the truth, to deceive N-SSPX followers into accepting Vatican II’s errors as necessary and uncontroversial.

The first of these two N-SSPX statements lied to say that Archbishop Lefebvre approved of Vatican II’s Lumen Gentium —which is totally untrue. (See Catholic Candle, September 2017 issue that completely refutes that lie.)

The second attempt to deceive followers was from the “new” SSPX’s Aug. 9, 2017 SSPX events & news, stating that Archbishop Lefebvre and the revolutionary Bishop Athanasius Schneider agree on the traditional aspects of Vatican II.

First, there are no good and traditional aspects of the Second Vatican Council, when you consider the council’s heresies and its weak, ambiguous rhetoric. Archbishop Lefebvre surely would not agree with Bishop Schneider on the “traditional” aspects of the Council because there are none.

Rome managed to neutralize the SSPX and it has now become weak and ineffective. Rome fears a new strong traditional resistance movement to defend Catholic Tradition against modernist Rome.

If Bishop Fellay can’t convince his priests and laymen to accept Vatican II, there will be a large number of defections when the N-SSPX makes its deal. This scares modernist Rome. Thus, Rome conditions its (unnecessary) recognition of the N-SSPX, upon Bishop Fellay convincing his followers that Vatican II is acceptable.

Bishop Fellay’s only hope of deceiving his followers into accepting Vatican II, is to distort Archbishop Lefebvre’s teaching and legacy. Bishop Fellay has been trying to do this since at least 2012 and has recently made stronger and bolder efforts to do this.

Bishop Fellay’s distortions and falsehoods have gone almost entirely unchallenged because the N-SSPX priests and followers have been steadily weakening for a long time (especially since 2012). His followers accept N-SSPX compromises because they want to believe them. The alternative (viz., seeing the truth) requires heroic action which they fear to take.

Thus, they accept Bishop Fellay’s deceptive statements and his new direction. I will give you two examples:

Example # 1:

Bishop Fellay makes ambiguous statements that sound reasonable and that everyone would like to believe. But he carefully refrains from stating crucial aspects necessary for understanding the truth. (And which low-information-follower does not desire to accept the new, easier direction, requiring no heroic action?)

Bishop Fellay insists the N-SSPX must be recognized and accepted by Rome to be part of the Catholic Church. And therefore, we must follow Rome’s lead on important matters. But Bishop Fellay fails to distinguish between Eternal Rome and modernist Rome. He omits the most important distinction, namely that we need no recognition that we don’t already have, because we live in emergency times. Traditional Catholic priests have supplied (emergency) jurisdiction and authority to dispense valid sacraments. Archbishop Lefebvre and the “old” SSPX understood this truth for over 40 years. Modernist Rome’s recognition and acceptance (with multiple strings attached) is neither necessary nor safe.

Example # 2:

Bishop Fellay makes false statements as if they were true, knowing that his priests will never question him—much less, contradict him. So most unthinking and/or lazy followers believe him. Statements such as: “Bishop Schneider is... just another one of the many conservative bishops... who maintain a position based on a positive recognition of Vatican II.” Who would believe that except a liberal Catholic? There are no truly conservative bishops who enjoy modernist Rome’s warm regard and approval, and no members of the hierarchy who do not maintain a falsely positive position on Vatican II. None.

And another: As mentioned above, Bishop Fellay claimed that Archbishop Lefebvre approved of Vatican II’s Lumen Gentium as being free of all errors and ambiguities. Who believes that? Only Bishop Fellay’s brainwashed followers.

In the process of deceiving his followers, Bishop Fellay always invokes the name of Archbishop Lefebvre or says that he is “promoting Catholic tradition...”, to give credibility to his false statements.

Bishop Fellay once stated he could get Archbishop Lefebvre to say whatever he wants.1 In effect, he is bragging how he can manipulate the SSPX founder’s words.

Many statements in the above-mentioned N-SSPX articles are exactly the opposite of the truth. Example: Bishop Fellay maintains there are “original and valuable contributions of Vatican II”.....and that this (evil) council made a “ to holiness for all members of the church...” I wonder: What Church? Certainly not the Catholic Church because Vatican II is full of heresies and heresy is incompatible with true holiness.

This “call to holiness” is the call to false, conciliar “holiness” of the new conciliar religion.

Bishop Fellay wants us to believe there are traditional bishops in the conciliar church, fighting liberalism for us. Also, his reference to the 4th century Arians putting up with evil for a long time is supposed to suggest to us that we ought to “patiently” put up with Vatican II’s evils without a fight.

Plainly, Rome has lost the Faith as the Blessed Virgin foretold at Fatima. Now the N-SSPX, under its current leadership, has accepted Rome’s loss of Faith and pleads for modernist Rome’s acceptance and recognition regardless of how this harms souls.

The above is more than enough evidence to prove that Bishop Fellay and the new liberal N-SSPX have lost the Faith and given up the fight for true Catholic Tradition. Pray for them, but stand against their errors!

  1. In 2014, Bishop Fellay cynically and publicly remarked that “one can make Archbishop Lefebvre say whatever one wants”. April 11, 2014, DICI #294, p.10.