Cardinal Joachim Meisner, a (so-called) “conservative” conciliar revolutionary, died on vacation in July 2017. He is known for bringing the scandalous and evil World Youth Day to his diocese in 2005.1

Meisner was a friend of Pope John Paul II2 and was a man of Vatican II. He was called a “conservative” in contrast to the more extreme conciliar revolutionaries. For example, Meisner supported giving Communion to non-Catholics (i.e., heretics) but “only” under the conditions laid out by Pope John Paul II.3

Although he was a liberal and a revolutionary, Meisner was more conservative than Pope Francis. This led Meisner to question some of the more extreme parts of Pope Francis’s Amoris Laetitia.

At Meisner’s death, the “new” SSPX rushed to join the conciliar church’s chorus praising this revolutionary. Although Meisner was a son of Vatican II and was an enemy of the true Traditional Catholic Church, the N-SSPX praises him as “a staunch and articulate witness to the faith”.4

Besides the N-SSPX praising Meisner in general, the N-SSPX more specifically praises Meisner, asserting that:

“He proclaimed traditional Catholic teaching about marriage and the family”.

Id., (emphasis added).

The N-SSPX adds further specific praise for Meisner asserting that he was:

“a stalwart champion of a conservative approach to Catholic moral teaching.”

Id., (emphasis added).

The truth is that Meisner was the leader in Germany in giving diocesan approval to using morning after abortion pills.5 Meisner ordered the Catholic hospitals in his diocese to supply morning after abortion pills to women who wanted them, if they claim they were raped. Id.

The N-SSPX further lauds Meisner as a “fearless defender of the sacredness of human life”, although he was Germany’s first “bishop”6 to approve murdering babies with the morning after abortion pill.

Although Meisner approved these abortion pills, the “new” SSPX proclaims that he is a stalwart champion of traditional moral teaching on marriage and the family!

Let us pray for the repose of Cardinal Meisner’s soul. Although we do not judge his interior culpability, nonetheless, he devoted his life to promoting the conciliar revolution that attacks the true Traditional Catholic Church.

Let us also pray for the N-SSPX! The once-traditional SSPX Citadel has been captured by Christ’s enemies and the weak bishops, priests and followers who remain inside, all condone this revolution by their silence! Qui tacet consentire videtur (i.e., a man’s silence shows his consent to evil).

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    Meisner’s “conservative” supporters try to excuse his approving chemical abortion, by claiming that Meisner must have mistakenly thought that morning after pills are “only” artificial contraceptives. Id. Those “conservative” supporters ignore that using artificial contraceptives is always a mortal sin.

    Also, the truth is that these morning after pills cause abortion and that this information is very widely known and easily obtained by anyone who wants to know the truth. This same Catholic News Agency article quotes Dr. Simon, president of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, as saying: “the morning-after pill works as an anti-implantation product [causing abortion] in 70 percent of the cases where the woman is fertile”. Id. (bracketed words added).

    The pro-life news media have frequently and continually reported medical studies showing that morning after pills cause abortion. See, e.g., https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/study-plan-b-more-likely-to-cause-abortion-than-prevent-pregnancy

  6. Meisner received priestly ordination in the traditional rite before Vatican II but received a conciliar “consecration” as a “bishop”. Thus, he might be only a priest and not a bishop. Because the validity of all conciliar “consecrations” is inherently doubtful, they must be treated as invalid. For many reasons to doubt conciliar consecrations, see: Comparison of old and new episcopal consecration rites (PDF)