The N-SSPX continues to prepare its followers to accept and integrate into the conciliar church. One aspect of this is to promote the new (supposed) “saints” of the conciliar church.

The Vatican upholds its new “saints” as models of social workers and political correctness. The N-SSPX now reliably promotes these new humanitarian “saints”.1

For example, the N-SSPX recently promoted (supposed) “saint” Josephine Bakhita,2 “canonized” by the Vatican in 2000.3 The Vatican’s biography of Sister Bakhita emphasizes her sufferings as a black slave and her fifty years of caring for the poor. Id. The N-SSPX promotes this new “saint” and recommends to its readers a novel written by a secular woman, which received acclaim (the Goncourt Prize) from a secular literature organization.4

Another example, is the N-SSPX recently promoting (supposed) “saint” Solanus Casey, a Capuchin friar whom the Vatican lauds for his decades of feeding the poor.5 The N-SSPX favorably reported Fr. Casey’s (supposed) “beatification”, describing the “Episcopal” dignitaries present, etc.6 The N-SSPX recounted that “Cardinal Angelo Amato, acting as papal legate, celebrated the Mass”7 without telling its readers that it was a new mass8 including communion in the hand9 and the “bringing up the gifts” which were a large basket of breakfast cereal including Cheerios and Chex.10

The N-SSPX included a video which was full of conciliar images, for example:

How Faithful Catholics Should Treat Conciliar “Saints” and “Blesseds”

We don’t know if Sr. Josephine Bakhita and Fr. Solanus Casey are in heaven or not. Fr. Casey’s “miracle” was the supposed cessation of a woman’s skin disorder (which caused scaly skin on her legs which sometimes cracked and bled).14

We should not “hold it against” Fr. Casey or Sr. Bakhita that the conciliar church “canonized” or “beatified” them as a model of social work, or a victim of oppression. Although the conciliar church uses them as tools to promote a liberal agenda and political correctness, this is not proof that Sister Bakhita and Fr. Casey cannot be in heaven.

But because all conciliar “canonizations” and “beatifications” are doubtful, we should prudently act as though they did not occur and we should wait until the true Traditional Catholic Church declares the status of those men and women, after the Church’s human element comes back to Her Traditions. Meanwhile, we should continue to call those persons by the titles they would normally have, “Father”, “Pope”, “Sister”, etc.

Therefore, for example, we should not consider Padre Pio as known to be a saint. (Pope John Paul II “canonized” him in 2002.)15 It is inconsistent to call Padre Pio a “saint” but not call Pope John Paul II a “saint”. We would wrongly be following emotion rather than reason by picking and choosing which conciliar “saints” we want to accept and which ones we do not. We don’t have authority to canonize anyone ourselves or decide he is a saint.

Although Padre Pio appears worthy of sainthood, that is not our decision to make. Padre Pio will not be offended that we follow this rule of Faith and our reason, rather than emotion and the conciliar church’s unreliable declarations. We should not call Pope John Paul II a saint, so neither should our personal piety lead us to call Padre Pio a saint.

Further, it would cause scandal for us to recognize any conciliar “canonizations” because that would lead people to assume we accept them all, even the “canonizations” of those who have promoted great evil in the Catholic Church, e.g., Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa (who was an ecumenist social worker).

Warning to N-SSPX followers: The N-SSPX is weakening you and conditioning you to join the conciliar church. Leave while you still have the strength!

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  12. So-called “bishop” Vigneron is truly the ordinary of Detroit, with jurisdiction over the Diocese of Detroit, although he might be a layman, since his conciliar ordination and consecration are doubtful.

    For more information why Vigneron possesses the Catholic Church’s jurisdictional power, even if he is a layman, read this explanation: The Catholic Church will always have a pope

    For an explanation why Vigneron’s ordination and consecration are doubtful and so must be treated as invalid, read these articles:

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