The “new” liberal SSPX wants to submit to the control of modernist Rome. To avoid alarming its followers, the “new” SSPX regularly minimizes and/or denies that modernism completely infests the conciliar church’s teachings.1

The “new” SSPX also regularly praises Pope Francis and the other conciliar popes, “bishops” and other modernist leaders, although they are the worst in history and do the devil’s work every day.2

Trying to make the conciliar church seem normal and acceptable for traditional Catholics, the N-SSPX describes as “faithful Catholics persons who attend the new mass.3 The N-SSPX also says that some conciliar parishes are good places to save your soul.4

Recently, the N-SSPX continued with the same strategy, when it praised the Irish for being “deeply attached to the Faith of their ancestors”.5 As with the rest of the “new” SSPX’s spin, this is false.

Ireland has fully joined the great apostasy of the conciliar church. However, because Ireland was especially solid in the Catholic Faith before Vatican II, Ireland is merely a little behind most other formerly-Catholic countries in abandoning Christ the King and His Church. Here is a snapshot of Catholicism in Ireland:

The plain truth is that the conciliar church which the N-SSPX seeks to join, is modernist and is on an accelerating course of abandoning all aspects of the true Catholic Faith. Ireland is no exception. It is ever-more-completely conciliar and is not attached to the true Catholic Faith. But because Ireland was especially strong before Vatican II, its complete apostasy is merely taking a little longer to fully manifest itself.

  1. See, e.g., the N-SSPX’s claim that Vatican II’s Lumen Gentium is free of errors, although the truth is that this document contains hundreds of errors. The N-SSPX quotes, cited to its own sources, are here: The “New” SSPX Shamelessly Falsifies Archbishop Lefebvre’s Position concerning Recognition by Modernist Rome

    See also, many other liberal teachings of the “new” SSPX, in its own words, cited to its own sources.

  2. Here are a few of many examples:

    Cardinal Meisner was a son of Vatican II and was an enemy of the true Traditional Catholic Church. He endorsed Catholics using abortion pills. The N-SSPX praises him as “a staunch and articulate witness to the faith”. Read the N-SSPX’s own words, cited to its own sources, here: The “New” SSPX Praises a Conciliar Revolutionary Who Approved the Use of Abortion Pills

    The N-SSPX falsely praises the conciliar popes, for holiness, moderation, wisdom, courage, and many other things although those popes are modernists and are the worst popes in history. Read the N-SSPX’s own words, cited to its own sources, here:

    The “New” SSPX Praises another Conciliar Revolutionary

    The N-SSPX falsely praises many conciliar “bishops” although they are modernists and traitors to Christ the King. Read the N-SSPX’s own words, cited to its own sources, here:

    “Bishop” Schneider, a Conciliar Revolutionary Loved by the New SSPX

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