Catholic Candle note: The article below was written by a man who has always been Traditional Catholic and who has been continually fighting liberalism since before Vatican II.

Beware of the coming “dagger” from Rome, aimed at the heart of Catholic Tradition (which is now “on life support”). Rome will blend the Traditional Mass and the new conciliar mass and Rome will claim that it has combined the “best features” of both into an up-to-date “traditional” liturgy, which (supposedly) will draw everyone to holiness. Rome will claim that this new “traditional” mass will end the “disruptive liturgical war” and will “unify the church”.

Former Pope Benedict XVI set the conciliar church onto this path of a hybrid mass, by promoting the need to come back to a single “Roman Rite” mass. In June 2003 (when he was Cardinal Ratzinger) he wrote:

I believe that in the long term the Roman Church must have a single Roman Rite.... The Roman Rite of the future should be a single rite, celebrated in Latin or in vernacular, but standing completely in the tradition of the rite that has been handed down.1

The “new” SSPX is receptive to this idea of a hybrid mass. In 2014, Bishop Fellay proposed saying the traditional Mass in the vernacular— (the vernacular being a feature borrowed from the new mass).2

In a 2015 interview, Bishop Fellay said that blending the Traditional Catholic Mass with the new mass, is an idea which makes him “glad”.3 Specifically, Bishop Fellay declared his support for the idea of mixing the Traditional Mass’s Offertory into the new mass. Id.

This plan should be appalling to any Catholic who loves the true Mass.4 As always, Catholics must reject modernism in all its forms, including this one.

Let us pray for these poor, blind leaders in Rome and Menzingen.

  1. Letter to Professor Heinz Lothar Barth at the University of Bonn in Germany, quoted in the Tablet of London, February 16, 2008, p. 36, posted at this link:
  2. Peter J. Elliott, the local ordinary of a diocese in Australia, reported that he had lunch with Bishop Fellay, during which Bishop Fellay and his SSPX priests proposed that the Traditional Mass be said or sung in the vernacular.
  4. For a thorough explanation using the principles of the greatest Doctor of the Church (St. Thomas Aquinas), why a hybrid mass is a great evil, read this explanation: Bishop Fellay promotes a hybrid Mass