As the “new” SSPX “progresses” toward its coveted permanent recognition/indult, the “new” SSPX has already adopted an indult mentality. One aspect of this, is that the “new” SSPX now aligns itself with the (so-called) “conservatives” in the conciliar church, against the more radical wing of the same conciliar revolution.

For example, in an August 14, 2015 article, the “new” SSPX stated:

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has risen to prominence because of his clear defense of Catholic teaching.

(Emphasis added.)

Also on August 14, 2015, SSPX.org published a separate article which twice called so-called bishop Schneider a “good bishop”.

The truth is that the entire conciliar hierarchy, including so-called “bishop” Schneider, are conciliar revolutionaries. All of them are wolves and not shepherds. None of them are traditional and none of them defend Catholic teaching against the principal errors of our time, especially the errors of Vatican II.

As is typical of indult groups, the “new” SSPX treats “bishop” Schneider as a defender of the Catholic Faith, merely because he is not as radical as the Cardinal Kasper “wing” of the conciliar revolution, and because “bishop” Schneider disagrees with Kasper on some points of the revolution. But this disagreement, does not change the fact that both Schneider and Kasper are enemies of the true Catholic Faith.

There are countless examples of so-called “bishop” Schneider’s modernism. Here is evidence of his modernism on four issues (which are discussed, at the end of this article):

  1. He accepts lay Eucharistic “ministers”.
  2. He praises Pope Francis’ doctrinal teachings.
  3. He Praises Ecumenism and Acts Ecumenically.
  4. He declares that Vatican II gives the Church a better understanding of Herself.

The “new” SSPX was recently very pleased to report (in two emails to each of its subscribers) that so-called Bishop Schneider thinks that the SSPX has [the] mind of [the] Church. Because “bishop” Schneider is a conciliar revolutionary, he obviously must mean that the “new” SSPX has the mind of the conciliar church (as he himself does). With each passing month, it becomes increasingly clear he is correct.

Further discussion of “bishop” Schneider’s positions listed above:

1. So-called “bishop” Schneider accepts lay ministers.

In the same August 14, 2015 article cited above, the “new” SSPX prints his statement that divorcees are not suitably chosen to be “extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist” because divorcees are not sufficiently an example of a life of faith. For this reason, Schneider disagrees with Cardinal Kasper on whether the conciliar revolution should allow divorcees to be among “lay ministers”. Whereas Kasper thinks divorcees should play this role, Schneider would prefer that the “extraordinary ministers” would instead be other laymen.

Of course, when Schneider said divorcees should not be among lay “extraordinary ministers”, the “new” SSPX kept a treacherous silence and did not condemn this conciliar mortal sin (viz., laymen as “Eucharistic ministers”). After all, how can the “new” SSPX condemn this practice which “bishop” Schneider accepts?

2. So-called “bishop” Schneider praises Pope Francis’ doctrinal teachings.

Regarding Pope Francis, “bishop” Schneider declared: I hope he will continue to teach in a very clear manner the Catholic doctrine.

3. So-called “bishop” Schneider Praises Ecumenism and Acts Ecumenically

In a January 5, 2013 article, so-called bishop Schneider described “an interreligious meeting in Kazakhstan” in which he participated, during which he and the leaders of the participating false religions spoke about the most holy realities of each religion.

So-called bishop Schneider further explained:

Ecumenism is necessary in order to be in contact with our separated brethren, to love them. In the midst of the challenge of the new paganism, we can and have to collaborate with serious non-Catholics to defend the revealed Divine truth and the natural law, created by God.

4. So-called “bishop” Schneider declares that Vatican II gives the Church a better understanding of Herself.

So-called Bishop Schneider explained:

It is the Vatican II Council that gave a wider understanding of the Mystery of the Church according to the Teaching of the Fathers of the Church [...]. Thus, the Church has been seen as a people made one with the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.2


The above is a clear example of the “new” SSPX: soft on modernism and leaning liberal.

  1. For an explanation why “bishop” Schneider’s conciliar consecration and ordination make it doubtful that he is a valid bishop or even a valid priest, see these three links:
  2. Quoted from an interview with a French newspaper, PrĂ©sent, January 10, 2015. (There’s also an English translation.)