The SSPX used to tell the faithful to throw out their TVs. The SSPX used to tell the faithful to read a book! Now the new-SSPX hopes the faithful have a TV so that the new-SSPX’s movie reviewer can recommend renting movies and seeing them at home. See, e.g., this recent movie review.

Here is a small sampling of what the “old” SSPX used to say against television:

A person might wrongly assume that the “old” SSPX did not promote abstaining from “religious videos”. But that assumption is false. For example, the “old” SSPX used to advise:

Clearly, the “old” SSPX used to set as the ideal and model that Catholic homes should have no TV and Catholics should not watch movies. The “old” SSPX required that its priests, sisters, brothers, and third order members abstain from all television (including movies, DVDs, even “religious” videos.).

Even those faithful too weak to throw out their own TVs, knew that this was the aspiration which the “old” SSPX held before them. All that is different now!

The new-SSPX now publishes movie reviews.

In the current SSPX movie review, the reviewer recommends the movie he is reviewing, noting that the movie is aesthetically well done, and makes use of its historically interesting standpoint with believability and restraint.

In this movie that the new-SSPX recommends, even the reviewer admits that:

The reviewer shortens his interview because he says he wants to avoid the risk of spoiling any enjoyment of our readers who are going to see the movie.