The “old” SSPX used to tell the Faithful not to watch TV or even possess a TV.

The “new” SSPX now even gives its Third Order members permission to watch TV, contradicting the entire history of the SSPX Third Order and also the plain words of the Third Order Rule still in effect.

The “new” SSPX now publishes movie reviews, completely reversing the “old” SSPX rejection of all movies.

In addition, the “new” SSPX recently began even publishing reviews of TV programs.

Take the example of one such recent review which was done in the style of any worldly or secular reviewer. Although the reviewer notes that the particular TV series mocks the papacy and is “extremely serious”, he praises it as having “many strong scenes” and having “a first-class cast”. He remarks that the pope is portrayed as a “traditionalist” and also as a compulsive smoker [who] wears flip-flops and exhorts people to sin and not feel guilty about it anymore. Id.

The reviewer recounts that, in the TV series, the pope’s “special secretary” is a woman who wears a T-shirt promoting the impure and blasphemous song “Like a Virgin”, sung by the despicable singer blasphemously named “Madonna”. Id.

Nowhere does the “new” SSPX tell its readers not to watch TV—or even not to watch this particular TV series. Instead, the TV review fosters an evil and idle curiosity to see for ourselves the controversial TV series. Is there any limit to the N-SSPX’s soul-destroying practices?

When the SSPX recently gave permission for its Third Order to watch TV, the “new” SSPX “limited” this permission to watching only TV programs which are not “vulgar”. But the “new” SSPX left it up to every individual to decide by what standard a TV show should be considered “vulgar”. Id.

Now, with the “new” SSPX’s promotion of this TV series—with all of its blasphemy, materialism, impurity and other evils—the “new” SSPX helps its readers see just how permissive its “no-vulgarity” standard really is.