The genuinely Catholic soul is holy and beautiful, reflecting the beauty of God and of the Catholic Faith. This beauty in the soul cannot help but manifest itself exteriorly. Thus, the beauty of true Catholicism shows itself wherever it is and in whatever it touches: Catholic civilization, Catholic architecture, Catholic art, etc.

When a person gradually loses this interior holiness and beauty, he begins also to gradually manifest this loss by associating himself with outward ugliness, reflecting the growing inward ugliness. The person losing his inner beauty cannot entirely conceal the outward manifestation of this loss, just like interior beauty of soul also will manifest itself (in works of outward beauty).

After Vatican II, as the human element of the Church progressively embraced conciliarism, it showed itself in a progressive embrace of ugliness. Tragically, the SSPX is following this same conciliar path. More and more, the SSPX promotes conciliar doctrines, conciliar (false) “devotions”, lax conciliar standards of “modesty”, etc.

The increasing loss of interior beauty in the souls of SSPX leaders, is progressively manifesting itself in outward, conciliar ugliness. For example:

The new SSPX church in Spain is a clear example of conciliar ugliness

The SSPX is building a new church in Spain, which outwardly shows that the SSPX has begun a descent interiorly, into conciliar ugliness of soul. Here is a picture of this SSPX church under construction, taken from the SSPX website for Spain:

Showing absolutely no subtly or self-effacement, the SSPX garishly plasters its own logo across the front of its building:

Worse than this tasteless self-promotion, is the ugliness of the “art” with which the SSPX “decorates” its building. Truly this “art” comes from souls which are very ugly interiorly. Below is a picture of the “scrap metal” “Madonna”, made in the style popular with the conciliar enemies of our Lord. This monstrosity is perched above the wall of SSPX logos, on the front of the building (shown above).

Although it justly offends Catholic donors that their money was wasted on this rubbish, it offends all right-thinking Catholics even more, that our Lady is insulted (one could say “mocked”) in this manner!

Lastly, below is another large, twisted scrap-metal horror of a “sculpture” on this same SSPX church. It is about one-story tall. See the first photo of the church (above). Notice the writhing metal strips surrounding the dagger.

It is plain to see (literally), that the SSPX has lost its bearings.