It is obvious the liberal SSPX is going to make a deal with out-of-control Modernist Rome regardless of grave harm to souls. It appears the deal will be based on a Personal Prelature; thus, Rome will control the N-SSPX.

This Personal Prelature is a creation of the (conciliar) l983 Code of Canon Law:

In reality, this will be a “death sentence” for the compliant souls still supporting the N-SSPX.

It’s hard to say how long the N-SSPX will be on death row. We could try and estimate (based on six other formerly-traditional communities) the N-SSPX’s own time on death row after making a deal with Modernist Rome. (See below.)

Most conscientious leaders determine what the future will bring by studying the past. This method proves successful when you buy something, when you hire someone, or vote for someone. Past experience helps us avoid problems by telling us what to expect in a future transaction. It’s obvious Bishop Fellay doesn’t use this prudent method to avoid future problems. There is a telling history of six communities who imprudently made a deal with Rome. Each progressively accepted Modernism. Rome promised not to change any of them but broke its promises.

We know Rome’s plan for the SSPX, when Rome “recognizes” the SSPX (with or without a signed agreement). As former-Pope Benedict XVI said in 2009, when Rome recognizes a group, it inevitably weakens. Id. Rome is patient. She waited 11 years for the Society of St. Peter before requiring clear, dramatic compromises. Id. She waited five years for the Good Shepherd Institute. Id. She waited as long as needed for the inevitable weakening of each “traditional” society which she “recognized.”

There is no such thing as a deal with modernist Rome that Rome will honor longterm!

As the Vatican’s main negotiator with the SSPX said in the context of one particular conciliar error: The Traditionalists will not be able to accept [the conciliar teachings on the Jews] immediately. Convincing them will take time, and in this respect, we will have to be patient. Id.

Rome would not have made a deal unless they could eventually control those communities. Why would they?

Over time, they all accepted within their communities Modernism and Liberalism dictated by Rome. Only God knows how much more Liberalism they have accepted but not publicized.

How much history will Bishop Fellay overlook before he realizes you can’t trust the conciliar hierarchy?

The Catholic Church has been under attack from the time of the Apostles. But the Second Vatican Council struck an especially severe blow in the 1960s, by establishing the anti-Catholic conciliar church, damning millions of souls.

To counter this, Archbishop Lefebvre resisted in 1970 by founding the SSPX, which kept the tradition Faith and sacraments available for its followers, without contamination by Liberalism and Modernism. This all changed when its current Superior General, Bishop Fellay, changed the N-SSPX goal: to win acceptance from Modernist Rome. He disguises this effort with misleading and ambiguous rhetoric, made necessary by the liberal N-SSPX’s drastic reversal of its goals. He also had to take action to ensure the SSPX continues in its new direction. Thus, Bishop Fellay (or his chosen successor) is assured of being re-elected Superior General in the future because he has chosen like-minded priests to cast the votes at the next SSPX General Chapter.

To save souls and resist the current liberal leaders of the N-SSPX, a group of traditional priests and laymen started a new Resistance group, following in the footsteps of Archbishop Lefebvre. This Resistance is under attack by N-SSPX priests and six bishops, three from the N-SSPX and three weak bishops who (unfortunately) are no longer part this Resistance.

We expected the three N-SSPX bishops to slander the Resistance movement whenever possible. We did not expect Bishop Williamson would fall into the devil’s trap of accepting conciliar liberalism. He eventually consecrated two very timid bishops who would rather follow Bishop Williamson instead of standing for Catholic Tradition. Consequently, there are no uncompromising Catholic Bishops who will do their duty for the new Resistance.

We must pray and have faith that our Lord will protect the last traditional remnants of His Mystical Body, supplying a courageous bishop to fulfill the needs of the Resistance, in His good time.

  1. Read this article, citing the group’s own words back to the group’s own sources.