Pope Francis declared that people can gain a plenary indulgence by praying in one of many churches throughout the world, viz., the cathedral in any diocese plus many other churches. Misericordiae Vultus, April 11, 2015.

Bishop Fellay strongly urges the faithful to participate in the so-called “holy year”. He wrote:

Must we then deprive ourselves of the graces of a Holy Year? Quite the contrary. When the floodgates of grace are opened wide, we must receive abundantly!

Bishop Fellay letter #84, May 24, 2015.

For this reason, the “new” SSPX encourages the faithful to pray in these conciliar churches.

The “new” SSPX has been weakening for a long time and has long blurred the difference between the conciliar church and the Eternal Catholic Church. This causes the “new” SSPX to increasingly promote praying in conciliar churches.

For example, the “new” SSPX was thrilled that one of its priests said Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. (Fittingly, this new-SSPX video showing the Mass in this basilica is posted by a person whose user name is “New Catholic”.)

Please see our three reasons why Catholics should not pray in conciliar churches.


For the three reasons given above, Catholics should never go into a conciliar church to pray. It is among the most unfitting places to pray and is among the places that a devout Catholic would least desire to be, because it is a place of continual sacrilege and grave offense to Our Lord.

What a contrast this Catholic position is to Bishop Fellay and the “new” SSPX, who urge us to pray in conciliar churches for the “holy year”! They see no reason why the new mass should make conciliar churches unfitting for prayer because they already say kind things about the new mass and are moving toward accepting it.

Would the “new” SSPX tell the faithful to stay away from conciliar churches if people regularly and openly spit on a picture of Bishop Fellay there? If so, that means the “new” SSPX is more offended at insults to their superior and their own institution, than at the offense given to Our Lord God in the sacrileges of the new mass.