In a sermon now available (August 2016) on the Silver City Benedictines’ website (listen to Bishop Fellay’s minor orders sermon, starting at minute 11:00), Bishop Fellay announced that Rome recently gave written permission to the “new” SSPX to ordain its priests without the need to ask permission of the local ordinary.

Catholic Candle comment: Modernist Rome is at war with uncompromising, anti-modernist Catholics. Enemies at war don’t do favors for those they are fighting, unless they believe it will assist in conquering them. It is in this spirit that the Greeks gave to the city of Troy the “gift” of the Trojan Horse. It is also in this spirit that modernist Rome gives “gifts” to the na´ve and increasingly liberal “new” SSPX.

Modernist Rome openly admits its strategy to change the “new” SSPX through recognition. In 2009, Former Pope Benedict XVI explained that he lifted the (supposed) punishment of the (invalid) SSPX excommunications without any intent to promote Catholic Tradition. Here are his words:

Some groups ... openly accused the Pope of wanting to turn back the clock to before the Council: as a result, an avalanche of protests was unleashed, whose bitterness laid bare wounds deeper than those of the present moment. I therefore feel obliged to offer you, dear Brothers, a word of clarification ....

Former Pope Benedict then explained that modernist Rome’s incremental steps to SSPX recognition are a means to change the SSPX:

Can it be completely mistaken to work to break down obstinacy and narrowness, and to make space for what is positive and retrievable for the whole? I myself saw, in the years after 1988, how the return of communities which had been separated from Rome changed their interior attitudes; I saw how returning to the bigger and broader Church enabled them to move beyond one-sided positions and broke down rigidity so that positive energies could emerge for the whole.

This weakening and breaking down of “rigidity” (i.e., Catholic Tradition) inexorably happens to every group who receives the “gift” of recognition from modernist Rome. See, e.g., proof of this weakening in six indult groups.

Let us pray for the leaders of the new “Trojans” (viz., the N-SSPX), who rejoice in the “generous gifts” from modernist Rome. Those leaders are blind to the peril of so many trusting souls and purposely overlook Rome’s diabolical strategy.