On March 17, 2015, U.S. district superior, Fr. Wegner, wrote a 2-page letter claiming six times that the SSPX is experiencing extraordinary growth and success (and other variations of “growing”). The truth is that the new-SSPX’s own numbers showed a decline from 2012 to 2015, in some statistics (viz., chapels and schools) and lack of growth in other statistics (viz., priories). We remarked on this at the time, quoting and citing back to SSPX sources.

Now, in a February 12, 2016 email, the new-SSPX makes additional claims that it has experienced constant growth ... from its foundation in 1970 to this day. (This email links to http://fsspx.org/en/presence-world.)

But the only “proof” the new-SSPX offers for its claim of “constant growth” is a chart of the number of SSPX priests. Id. (Find this chart by clicking on the SSPX link given above and then clicking on the supporting link called “statistics”.) This SSPX chart is shown below. Note that the chart ends at 2011.

[Graph furnished by SSPX, beginning near 0 in 1970 and ending at near 600 in 2011]

The present year is 2016! Can you think of any reason why the new-SSPX would try to “prove” its “constant growth ... to this day” by using only one chart which ends five years ago, right before the 2012 public outcry and priestly departures?

By deceptively hiding its lack of “constant growth”, the new-SSPX lacks the common honesty we expect even from pagans.