The conciliar revolution is a disaster and it continues to get much worse. But the “new” SSPX wants to join with modernist Rome and submit to the practical control of the conciliar revolutionaries who are doing everything they can to destroy the Church (in Her human element).

In order to break down Traditional Catholics’ common-sense wariness of submitting to the control of the modernists, the “new” SSPX now continually (and falsely) says that things are improving in the conciliar church. For example, in a July 25, 2016 book advertisement, the Angelus Press asserts that there is a discernable [sic] movement of faithful Catholics back to traditional liturgical values. This Angelus assertion is wrong and liberal for four reasons:

  1. Catholics who are genuinely “faithful” aren’t coming “back to” Tradition. Faithful Catholics are already there—otherwise they would not be faithful.
  2. This false Angelus assertion is not merely fuzzy thinking (as well as unconnected to reality). The “new” SSPX is indoctrinating you with the message that a person can be a faithful Catholic and also attend the new mass. In other words, the Angelus is conditioning you to think that those who are now beginning (supposedly) to embrace “traditional liturgical values” are already “faithful Catholics”.

    Although we do not judge the interior culpability of conciliar Catholics, they are objectively not faithful to Our Lord. Similarly, we do not judge the interior culpability of Protestants but they are objectively not faithful to Our Lord.

  3. The fact that Russia has not been consecrated to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart is all we need to know to be certain that the Angelus is wrong and that things are not getting better. If conciliar corruption were really decreasing, then Our Lady’s future triumph would not be caused by this future consecration (i.e., if conciliar Catholics were already coming back to Tradition before this consecration). But the conciliar revolution truly continues to worsen and go further away from the true Faith. There is no general movement toward Catholic tradition.
  4. All other evidence also proves the falsity of what the “new” SSPX says about conciliar Catholics returning to “traditional liturgical values”, because the traditional Catholic Liturgy is an expression of the Catholic Faith—which steadily decreases in the people. To take only a few (of countless) examples:
    1. Conciliar Catholics increasingly accept unnatural vice. (This increasing percentage is currently seventy percent.) PewResearchCenter Nov. 3, 2015 p.8.
    2. This same Angelus advertisement proclaims that “A New Generation is Grabbing Hold of Tradition”. But the opposite is true. As any thinking person knows, younger conciliar Catholics are less likely to adhere to the Catholic Faith than their parents. For example, more young adult Catholics accept unnatural vice (compared to their parents). Id., page 35.
    3. More Catholics than ever say that it is acceptable for unmarried couples to cohabitate and that this is a good arrangement for raising children. (This increasing percentage is currently eighty-four percent.) PewResearchCenter report dated September 2, 2015, p.3.
    4. Likewise, two-thirds of conciliar Catholics say that it is a good arrangement for two adults living in unnatural vice to raise children together. Id.

The Big Picture

We must look at the main goal of the N-SSPX, to understand the reasons for the falsehoods in this Angelus advertisement. The N-SSPX desperately seeks recognition from Modernist Rome (regardless of the loss of many souls).

But if laymen and priests think that the conciliar revolution is getting much worse (as is truly is), the N-SSPX fears that those laymen and priests will leave because it would be “operation suicide” to submit to the control (i.e., be recognized) by modernist Rome. Therefore, the N-SSPX systematically (and falsely) tells you that this conciliar recognition will be joining with “faithful Catholics” who are discernibly moving toward Catholic Tradition (and that this recognition will allow the N-SSPX to help move conciliar Catholics toward tradition).