Infant Jesus of Prague, 1637

For you fence-sitters with your rose-colored glasses on, those words are a call to do your part in the fight against the crisis in the Catholic Church, and now in the SSPX.

Let’s start by listing just three prophecies by our Blessed Mother that you believe will happen someday, but not necessarily now. If you have the courage to look closely at Rome, I believe you will see these prophecies have already come to pass under the destructive reigns of four Conciliar popes. (I believe the Masons forced out Pope Benedict for a more liberal Pope Francis.)

And yet Bishop Fellay wants to be regularized by this abomination of desolation. This is such a reversal of his position against liberalism before he was consecrated a bishop that one wonders what honor Rome has offered him.

From Archbishop Lefebvre, 1976: This Conciliar Church is, therefore, not Catholic. To whatever extent the pope, bishops, priests, or the faithful adhere to this new church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church.

If that’s not enough, Fr. Schmidberger, district superior in Germany and former Superior General of the SSPX, in a 2015 interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa said... we could work together (with Pope Francis) according to our vocations to the formation of a new generation of priests... This statement would not have been made without the approval of Bishop Fellay. This statement should put an end to you fence-sitters giving the benefit of the doubt to the Society and its leaders. Can you imagine your (future) pastor being formed by liberal and modernist Rome?

Doing your part is not sitting comfortably in your pew every Sunday, with your pastor at the altar, with you overlooking institutional liberalism which is creeping in all around you and everyone complacently going along to get along. It’s not good enough to wait to do your part by joining someone else who has already stood up to fight for Christ the King. This article is a call to action to you to be a leader in this fight. Enough of this waiting until things get worse in your “parish community” (the current liberal SSPX and Conciliar Church designation for a parish).

In an article entitled “Catholic Resistance,” published in a 1985 Angelus Magazine, the “old” SSPX explained the devil’s strategy for making liberal changes in the Church’s human element. The “old” SSPX explained that there are two groups: the first group was a small number of liberal enthusiasts who control almost all the structures in the Church.

This SSPX article continues:

The second group, by far the largest, making up perhaps 80% to 90% of the faithful, tends to be apathetic. It never wanted the changes; it had little interest in the changes; but it will do nothing to oppose them. This is not something that should shock or surprise us; it is a normal fact of the behavior of any social group or organization. ... This general attitude of practical indifference is the greatest asset of any group fomenting a revolution. Revolutionaries do not need active support, simply minimal resistance, and when they can impose their revolution from above, as has happened since the Council, then a successful revolution is virtually guaranteed.

If you’re not part of that largest group, and you honor our Lord by standing up against liberalism and fighting for Christ the King, you will be blessed as our Lord repays loyalty and courage a hundredfold. He strengthens you with zeal so that you may fearlessly stand at the foot of “today’s cross of Christ” (i.e., a Masonic, Conciliar Church, crucifying our Lord). If you’re not boldly and courageously fighting for our Lord, you are against Him. You are fighting on the side of the destructive errors of Vatican II.

Why don’t more people take the lead and stand up for Christ the King?

You may wonder how the SSPX is able to keep the fence-sitters in line, unwilling to stand against liberalism. Let me list some of the subterfuges and tactics that the Society uses to keep you comfortable with their metered liberalism:

  1. No matter how outrageous and anti-Catholic Rome is, the SSPX never rejects anything specifically nor explains the evil and how it destroys one’s faith. They only repeat again and again how concerned they are. That’s all they can do. They can’t take action because they don’t act against modernism and liberalism. Rome wouldn’t like that and there would be no full regularization, their main goal currently.
  2. Since Archbishop Lefebvre was a great traditional leader in the Society’s past, the SSPX uses him constantly to deceptively imply an ongoing association with his principles and beliefs, while steadily deviating from them in their liberal slide.
  3. Only withdrawing their 2012 doctrinal declaration and not repudiating it. In this declaration they accepted the Second Vatican Council, the new mass, ecumenism, etc. By only withdrawing it, the Society sends a tacit message to Rome that they still believe in their doctrinal declaration, which they will put forward again when things settle down and most traditionalists will accept the necessary liberalism that Rome demands in return for full recognition.
  4. Along with the constant mentioning of Archbishop Lefebvre to cover their liberalism, the SSPX also keeps repeating over and over again that “we are preserving tradition” (or variations of that). So that it is only natural that inattentive priests and laymen begin to believe there is no reason to confront or run from SSPX liberalism. A big mistake!

The crisis in the Church and in the SSPX is much like what happened in the early Church. When Christ was under attack, all the apostles ran (although St. John was first to return and stood at the foot of the cross). After Vatican II the Church hierarchy ran from the Mystical Body of Christ to the new Conciliar Church, except the St. John of his day, Archbishop Lefebvre, who was first to stand (figuratively) at the “foot” of the “cross” (the Conciliar Church crucifying Christ).

I think it is time to start an organization of Soldiers for Christ, perhaps called the St. John Brigade. The roll call of members’ names will be kept in heaven, (not on earth); no dues, silent meetings held during your prayers to our Divine Leader (Christ the King).

Join A.S.A.P. by spiritually signing up at the next “meeting” of the St. John’s Brigade.