To obtain conciliar recognition and acceptance, the new-SSPX must get its priests and faithful accustomed to thinking of the so-called “conservative” wing of conciliar revolutionaries as our friends and as “on our side” against the more radical wing of the conciliar revolution. But the truth is that all of the conciliar revolutionaries are still revolutionaries and are still all working against Our Lord. Every member of the conciliar hierarchy accepts Vatican II, the new mass, and the rest of the core conciliar agenda.

Thus, by promoting these conciliar revolutionaries, the new-SSPX betrays the faithful and in return, those revolutionaries promote the new-SSPX. For example:

These leaders should be enemies, not mutual admirers! Make no mistake, all of these conciliar revolutionaries fight against Our Lord and against His true Church. Id. As Archbishop Lefebvre recognized about such “conservative” revolutionaries, they are not really returning to Tradition:

I don’t think it is a true return to Tradition. Just as in a fight when the troops are going a little too far ahead one holds them back, so they are slightly putting the brakes on the impulse of Vatican II because the supporters of the Council are going too far. ... The bishops concerned—the supposedly conservative bishops—are wholly supportive of the Council and of the post-Conciliar reforms, of ecumenism and of the charismatic movement.

Apparently, they are being a little more moderate and showing slightly more traditional religious sentiment, but it does not go deep. The great fundamental principles of the Council, the errors of the Council, they accept them and put them into practice.

Quoted from the SSPX

Among other ways that the new-SSPX promotes the supposedly “conservative” revolutionaries, is to promote their books and videos. For example, in a recent catalogue, the new-SSPX sells two “bishop” Athanasius Schneider DVDs, a book by Cardinal Sarah, and a book on marriage, with a foreword by Cardinal Pell.

With all of the new-SSPX efforts to obtain full recognition from the conciliar church, can this “reward” be far away?

  1. For an explanation why “bishop” Schneider’s conciliar consecration and ordination make it doubtful that he is a valid bishop or even a valid priest, see these three links: