In the near future the New-SSPX will call two General Chapters. The first one will seek approval from the Society’s voting leadership to accept conditions necessary for recognition by Modernist Rome. No matter how deceptive and disingenuous the terms are, it will be approved—no question.

How can I be so sure of its approval? It’s because Bishop Fellay has predetermined who will vote and how they will vote. You see, he has replaced all the major superiors (i.e., those superiors who have a vote) who might have voted “no”. He would never call for a General Chapter to approve the deal with Modernist Rome if he weren’t assured of the outcome he wants. Also, when the deal is approved by a majority—albeit a pre-selected majority—of the N-SSPX leaders, it will give the soul-destroying deal more credibility in the minds of the low-information, naive laymen and priests.

The following former Superiors were demoted because they were considered NO votes for Bishop Fellay’s liberal initiatives in the coming two General Chapters.

Here are a few obvious ones; I’m sure there are others.

As you may already know, six other once-traditional religious communities made a similar deal with Modernist Rome, with all the so-called guarantees that were later repudiated by Rome over a few years.

All of these groups eventually accepted Modernism under the control of Rome. With this record of betrayal by Rome, how can any honest traditional leader be willing and gullible enough to deliver so many souls to perdition? Let’s continue to do our part and support the Resistance in every way we can. Who knows how many souls we can help to save?

I also believe the predetermined vote was put in place not only for the recognition by Rome, but it is in place for the future General Chapter to select the Superior General in 2018. Bishop Fellay is more of a political leader than a spiritual leader, and hasn’t the SSPX paid the price for that?! He needs to get himself re-elected as Superior General in order to receive the “favor” Rome must have promised him when he surrenders the N-SSPX to Rome’s control.

On second thought, when Bishop Fellay delivers the N-SSPX to Rome, he may choose to give up the office of Superior General in order to live in Rome with a new red hat. Would anyone who delivered so many traditional souls to Modernist Rome do it for less? If that is the case, his predetermined vote will still be necessary to elect his pre-selected replacement. Bishop Fellay, of course, will tell us he needs to be in Rome to convert them to traditionalism. Let’s ask the six formerly conservative religious communities that made similar deals with Modernist Rome why they didn’t fulfill their goals of converting Rome to Tradition. I know the answer that Archbishop Lefebvre would give: Superiors form underlings; underlings do not form Superiors. And history proves it.

The N-SSPX is in God’s Hands now, but He expects us to pray hard that the leadership and their followers’ eyes are opened wide—sooner rather than later.