Catholic Candle note: Below is an article written by a man who has always been Traditional Catholic and has been continually fighting liberalism since before Vatican II.

Liberalism is a spiritual cancer that can take hold of you unnoticed, and you could be at “Stage Four” before you realize you are in great danger of eternal damnation. When it comes to our health, we get annual checkups to detect cancer at it earliest stage and to maximize the chance for a cure. When it comes to liberalism in the “new” SSPX, we believe it won’t affect us; we can handle it.

We tell ourselves that we can stay in our N-SSPX parish and fight alone against the liberalism, from the inside. That thinking was prevalent in the post-VC II 1970s and is the current attitude of many in the N-SSPX. I lived through that and, from experience, I estimate 1% kept the Catholic Faith in the ‘70s when fighting from the inside. I hold out little hope for those in the N-SSPX to fare better.

The question is why most in the N-SSPX ignore the real and present danger of liberalism. They fail to get a “check-up”, so they rationalize their position, confident they will make a correction when it is time. History will prove them wrong, as most fail to realize they have already accepted “5th Stage” liberalism, and it is “too late” to reverse course.

Below I list some self-deceiving excuses that N-SSPX followers use to salve their consciences and to ignore the dangers of liberalism.

  1. “I’m not educated enough to understand many details. Besides, doesn’t the leadership of the N-SSPX have the grace of state?”

    Response: This kind of thinking slides dangerously into the mortal sin of blind obedience. Education is not the main defense to liberalism; Faith is. Martin Luther was well-educated (with a doctorate in theology), and with his grace of state. Look how many souls followed him and lost the true Faith.

  2. “I’ll wait until it becomes clear that liberalism makes changes in my parish.”

    Response: Those who use this excuse fail to understand gradualism. For example, women’s immodest clothing today would have been totally unacceptable a generation ago. The truth is that liberalism is already in your parish, but you see only what you want to see.

  3. “I’m a strong traditionalist and have been fighting liberalism for years.”

    Response: This excuse is prompted by satanically-inspired overconfidence.

  4. “There is safety in numbers. They can’t all be wrong.”

    Response: Oh yes they can be, and they are—just like they were in the 1970s.

  5. “My husband (or wife) is weak and doesn’t want to be involved. I don’t want to cause a family problem.”

    Response: You and your family are headed for a much bigger problem following this liberal approach to salvation.

  6. “I must have easily-available sacraments or my children won’t go and will lose their faith.”

    Response: They will more likely lose the Faith attending the chapel of a liberal group, whose sacraments offend God because of the liberalism there. Your excuse is tantamount to saying, “I surrender my soul and the souls of my children and I don’t care that I am scandalizing other laymen.”

  7. “What will others think of me if I ‘go radical’?”

    Response: Instead, of this concern for human respect, you must instead be concerned what God will think of you at your personal judgment.

  8. “If I don’t see liberalism, I don’t have to make any inconvenient changes in my life.”

    Response: Anyone who says/thinks that, knows he deceives himself. He sees what he wants to see, since there is already liberalism all around him in the N-SSPX.

  9. “Anyone who disagrees with my position is hard-hearted and judgmental.”

    Response: The devil suggests this is an excuse to compromise, in many different contexts. For example, those fighting abortion are called heartless against women. This excuse is merely emotion and ignores the truth. This excuse can be used to justify almost anything, as Pope Francis shows us.

I’m sure there are other reasons to avoid acting against liberalism, but the above may help some people to rethink their current failure to stand up for the Faith. There is no middle ground. We don’t have the option of accepting a little liberalism. “You are with Me or against Me,” Our Lord warns.

It is very hard to convince people to give up the easier life, accepting liberalism, and to join the difficult but satisfying fight as a soldier of Christ the King. They find it much easier to go along and get along. But we must not give up trying to help them see that they are in danger of jeopardizing their salvation and that of their family.

What should you do?