We all know the N-SSPX has been leaning left and soft on Modernism for some time, especially since the Doctrinal Declaration of Apr. 15, 2012. Some, aware of this liberalism, left for the “Resistance.”

However, others lacking the necessary courage stayed put. This position of weakness does not result in peace of soul. I’m sure there are sleepless nights, especially when it comes to your financial contribution to the parish Offertory collection, which supports and helps to spread that liberalism. I suspect you feel that you should contribute something for the church services you receive.

It is true that under normal circumstances you should support the parish where you attend Mass, etc. But the current N-SSPX situation is not “under normal circumstances.” The N-SSPX parishes support and must follow the liberal dictates of Menzingen. Thus, in effect, you have no choice but to leave. However, if you lack the courage to make that difficult and momentous decision, don’t enhance your eventual punishment for that financial support.

Attending the Mass at an N-SSPX parish indicates approval of the Society’s liberalism. Contributing money to the N-SSPX means helping to spread that liberalism. When the Offertory collection is used to maintain a liberal parish/liberal N-SSPX, you are conscience-bound not to contribute.

This also means not participating in money-making programs/projects that the N-SSPX initiates, (e.g., retreats, camps, book sales, the Angelus, etc.) Withholding funds and joining the Resistance are the only “levers” a layman has to stop the N-SSPX’s efforts to destroy the old SSPX. You wouldn’t support heretical faiths through garage sales or festivals. Why would you support the spread of liberalism through the N-SSPX?

When one joins the Resistance, it sends a very strong and necessary message to family and friends to Look Out, something is not right. Pay Attention! This important message will be brought to mind by them and will play a big part in their decision when judging future liberal actions of the N-SSPX.

This most necessary message you send by joining the Resistance can be weakened or lost completely by joining in N-SSPX projects or activities such as parish picnics, retreats, processions, religious services for relatives, (e.g., Baptism). If you weaken the message by attending these, its effectiveness is lost forever. Instead, you must reinforce the original message by keeping your distance from the N-SSPX, and fully support the Resistance.

It’s a good idea on occasion to point out in a prudent way the subtle liberalism put forth by the N-SSPX. If pointed out too often though, it appears you are nagging, and that would be counterproductive. Writing a letter on the point you want to make has proven to be most successful. This will eliminate a quick, hostile, defensive reaction in a face-to-face discussion. A letter gives them time to consider your point.

The Resistance is young and has just begun to fight, so don’t expect things to return to normal soon. It’s going to be a long struggle, so stay strong and don’t weaken.