With much fanfare, the Angelus Press announced its 2016 conference: this year’s topic: The Missions. Come learn more about how The SSPX is working to spread the faith far and wide.

This boast is not only empty, but false. As their teaching shows, SSPX priests are not Catholic missionaries. As the numbers show, SSPX priests are not zealous missionaries.

Not Catholic missionaries

God never changes, nor does the holy Faith He revealed to us. To save souls from hell, true Catholics, such as Archbishop Lefebvre, fight against Vatican II and all other doctrinal innovations.

But the SSPX now promotes these toxic conciliar novelties. Tellingly, though the Angelus announcement mentions widespread paganism, it never blames Vatican II, the chief cause of today’s worldwide apostasy.

In the African missions, the SSPX now teaches that the New Mass gives grace.

The online posts of SOS Africa, an SSPX-endorsed and -affiliated group founded to promote the SSPX African missions, further indicate the SSPX’s downfall. One post promotes Cardinal Onaiyekan as a conservative, whereas he is a conciliar wolf in sheep’s clothing. Another post pictures an SSPX priest, wearing a conciliar crossless vestment. Still another post decorates a prayer request with a bent conciliar crucifix.

Missionaries must teach the Catholic Faith to anyone ensnared by false religions. Of all false religions, the conciliar church is dragging souls fastest to hell. Because the SSPX fosters conciliarism, SSPX priests are not Catholic missionaries.

Not zealous missionaries

St. Paul felt ashamed to boast, though he wore himself out to stamp out heresy and lead souls to the true Catholic Faith. The SSPX likes to brag about its numbers, but those numbers strongly show how thoroughly the SSPX has lost the zeal it had under Archbishop Lefebvre.

(I draw the following numbers from the July-August 2014 Regina Coeli Report and Fr. Wegner’s July 2016 fundraising letter. These sources give numbers for the United States only.)

The SSPX’s own numbers show that in 1984, the average SSPX priest took care of three or four chapels (3.6). Now on average, only one out of five priests takes care of two chapels, and the others take care of only one each.

Moreover, between 2004 and 2014, the SSPX only opened a net four chapels.

What kind of missionary spirit is the SSPX showing? During this devastating crisis in the Church, can the SSPX really only find four more places where souls are starving for true Catholic doctrine and sacraments?

Our Lord urgently bade the apostles to go everywhere and rescue as many souls from hell as they could: And he said to them, Going into the whole world preach the Gospel to all creatures. He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not, shall be condemned. (Mark 16:15-16)