The new-SSPX admits that the occasion for the opening of the Holy Door is the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of Vatican Council II on December 8, 1965.1 Yet the new-SSPX encourages the faithful to benefit from the extraordinary jubilee of Pope Francis to gain the indulgence. Id. The new-SSPX is encouraging evil.

The new-SSPX is telling us that the indulgence is good and we should simply ignore the circumstances surrounding this good thing. But, St. Thomas teaches the opposite, viz., that we must act only when the circumstances make the act good:

[An act’s] goodness does not consist wholly in its species [i.e., the type of act it is], but also in certain additions which accrue to it by reason of certain accidents: and such are its due circumstances. Wherefore if something is lacking that is requisite as a due circumstance the action will be evil.

Summa, Ia IIae, Q.18, a.3, respondeo (emphasis added).

When the new-SSPX says we should participate in the holy year commemorating Vatican II, the new-SSPX wants us to ignore the fact that the indulgence comes to commemorate Vatican II. But it is a sin to accept something good which is given to commemorate something evil.

This is as if Planned Parenthood was to offer free candy to everyone on the occasion of the murder of its eighty millionth baby. What the new-SSPX is telling us is like someone saying “take the candy! It is real candy, and just ignore what the candy is commemorating.”

But a man of principle would tell Planned Parenthood: “Keep your odious candy! I won’t join your celebration!”

It would obviously offend Our Lord to join Planned Parenthood in commemorating the occasion of its eighty millionth murder, by accepting and enjoying the free candy, even though candy is good.

Likewise, indulgences are good. But it is evil to accept this “candy” given in order to commemorate Vatican II. Whereas Planned Parenthood has murdered tens of millions of babies, Vatican II has murdered hundreds of millions of souls.

It is true that as pope, Pope Francis has the authority to declare a genuine Holy Year. However, he does not have the authority or power to declare a holy year to commemorate something evil like Vatican II any more than he could grant an indulgence for the act of blaspheming Our Lady. Thus, we are not in a genuine Holy Year now, because the evil commemoration of Vatican II makes the year unholy and offensive to God.

  1. Source. Emphasis added.

    The holy year ends on a date also promoting conciliar error. The holy year ends on the conciliar feast of “Christ the King of the Universe” [Id.], which is the last Sunday of the conciliar liturgical calendar, moved there to emphasize that Christ’s Kingship will be at the end of the world, rather than His Kingship being a reality now and that all society must obey and honor Him now.