The crisis in both entities is caused by a complete lack of a soul-stirring and deep-felt burning love for the Catholic Faith and its Founder. (That love will hereafter be referred to as “that special love”.) The absence of that special love for the Faith and its Founder has been increasingly prevalent among the laymen and prelates for some time, making the conciliar faith a barren wasteland since Vatican II.

How do you tell when one has an absence of that special love? They go to church on Sunday because that’s what you do when you are baptized Catholic. They can’t wait to get out of church for more “important” things. They will accept creeping liberalism and modernism with no thought of defending the Catholic Faith.

How can you tell if you have that special love for the Catholic Faith? If the Catholic Faith is the biggest part of your life. You want to know more about it; you want to defend it when it or its Founder is under attack. You defend the Faith as a parent always would want to defend a member of the family under attack. It’s what you do when you are full of love for the person under attack. It is the same when you possess that special love for the Catholic Faith and its Founder. You spare no effort to fight for the traditional Catholic Faith and its Founder when under attack by Liberalism and Modernism. You certainly don’t continue to support or remain with the attacking enemy, (i.e., the New-SSPX).

You are also unable to tolerate any liberal or modernist effort to weaken or change the Faith even in the slightest way. You are overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction when you help someone “connect the dots” regarding the N-SSPX and they join the Resistance. You are almost brought to tears when able to attend the breathtaking glories of a Pontifical High Mass that exudes holy and beautiful pomp and ceremony. You also miss the weekly pre-Vatican II Mass, church devotions and hymns inspiring fervor and that special love. You feel a sense of satisfaction when you take necessary action and stand up for the Faith. You wear as a badge of honor, the criticism for standing up for your traditional Catholic Faith.

You put yourself in the “shoes” of Our Lord when He and His Church are under attack, and you have to stand up and fight back. You have no choice. It’s a satisfying feeling to be on the battlefield in the fight for Tradition. With that special love, prayer comes easier, serious sin is out of the question, and you even look forward to Lent so you can more fully demonstrate that special love. Your life is not hard; it is satisfying and happy.

How do you get that special love? You ask Our Lord for it over and over again. He is very generous, and if you are serious He will certainly provide it in a special way. No question.

The crisis in the N-SSPX is the same as in the human element of the Catholic Church more generally, viz., the complete lack of that special love for the traditional Catholic Faith and its Founder. Don’t expect the New-SSPX to return to the old SSPX any time soon or until the leaders, priests, and laymen demonstrate that special love with the backbone so necessary in the fight for Christ the King.

One wonders if the current leaders of the N-SSPX ever had that special love for the Faith or if they lost it while negotiating with Modernist Rome in order to obtain recognition. It is obvious Pope Francis and the Church leaders in Rome do not have that special love, based on the latest Synod documents and many, many other pronouncements. They act like the hirelings guarding the sheep. They completely abandon the flock spiritually.

Examples of some Catholic leaders in our day who were consumed with that special love would include Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer, and many of the priests and laymen who have joined the Resistance.

It is easy to tell if you are full of that special love for Christ the King, based on the definition outlined above.

It’s obvious we are in for a long and difficult fight to overcome the devil and his followers. We will prevail if each one is determined to study and practice the traditional Catholic Faith with that special love which tells you instinctively what to do when Christ the King is under attack by the New-SSPX. At the same time, you will be filled with satisfaction and joy for the stand you are taking.

Let’s continue to pray for the poor, blind leaders of the N-SSPX and for all the souls whose salvation they put in jeopardy with the coming soul-destroying recognition by Modernist Rome.