In its September 5, 2014 press release, the new-SSPX had said that it would meet with the Vatican on September 23, 2014 to:

review the relations between the SSPX and Rome, which were discontinued at the departure of Cardinal William Levada, Cardinal Müller’s predecessor, and the resignation of Benedict XVI.

Emphasis added.

Thus, according to this SSPX press release, relations with Rome were “discontinued” for 19 months (between the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in February 2013, and the September 23, 2014 meeting). Id. See also “Cardinal Brandmuller visits SSPX’s seminary”.

On March 4, 2016, the new-SSPX contradicted this falsehood which it told the faithful in 2014. Bishop Fellay stated:

The relations with Rome—as a matter of fact—are ongoing, but that is not quite the correct word... in the sense that they have never been interrupted, they have certainly never been broken off.

Ellipsis in the original; emphasis added.

The new-SSPX lacks the common honesty we expect even from pagans.

What does this tell us? The new-SSPX knew that laymen did not want recognition by modernist Rome. Thus, Bishop Fellay decided to lie because it was “necessary” to negotiate the recognition behind their backs to keep gullible laymen believing no recognition was coming (while the new-SSPX focused on changing their minds).