In the conciliar church, we see that moral decline follows in tandem with the doctrinal decline. This same thing is occurring in the “new” SSPX.

Along with the “new” SSPX’s doctrinal slide and liberalism, we see a moral decline in many ways including (but not limited to) a decline in modesty:

Recently, the “new” SSPX published a picture of their schoolgirls dressed in their school uniforms, some of which are miniskirts (inches above the knee). The picture is an N-SSPX photo posted on an N-SSPX website of an N-SSPX gathering of N-SSPX schoolgirls at an N-SSPX event wearing N-SSPX-mandated uniforms.

It can happen that new students from lax families don’t understand traditional Catholic standards and might not live up to them. But it is the easiest, best-case scenario for a Catholic school to control the modesty of its own students when they are at its own events while the girls are wearing the school’s own uniforms.

Does the “new” SSPX even pretend to have a school modesty dress code if their girls’ school uniforms are so out of compliance with Catholic standards?

Some of our readers might consider the decline of modesty in the “new” SSPX and the conciliar church as normal and acceptable. This only shows how gradualism affects even traditional Catholics. Just as there was a slow decline of virtue after Vatican II, now there is the same decline among many who consider themselves traditional Catholics, who sit silently and do nothing to reverse this soul-destroying trend.