As was true of the conciliar church, a moral decline inexorably accompanies the SSPX’s doctrinal decline.

When Bishop Fellay blessed three bells in Chateauroux on June 27, 2015, the SSPX French District commemorated this event by photos on its website, La Porte Latine. The French District’s photos showed a young woman in a miniskirt and an almost-sleeveless top, standing among a few dignitaries and then receiving a turn to ring the bells while Bishop Fellay and everyone else is shown watching her.

These photos of the indecently-dressed young woman were pulled down from the SSPX French District’s website when people began circulating them as a further example of the SSPX’s decline on modesty. Because the woman’s attire is so scandalous, we choose not to include these photos. But for anyone that feels the need to confirm this report, he can find the photos here.

This is one of many examples of the SSPX’s more general trend of accepting the modesty “standards” of the world or of the conciliar church. To take a few further examples: