Archbishop Lefebvre and the “old” SSPX used to (correctly) blame the hierarchy for the revolution and destruction in the Church. To take merely two examples (of countless ones we could give):

  1. Archbishop Lefebvre said: “Rome, Modernist and Liberal, is carrying on its work on the destruction of the Kingdom of Our Lord.” Quoted from his August 29, 1987 letter to the future Bishops, http://www.sspxasia.com/Documents/Archbishop-Lefebvre/The-Episocopal-Consecrations.htm
  2. Archbishop Lefebvre called the members of the post-Vatican II hierarchy “the Church’s destroyers.” Econe, 1990, address to his priests, http://op54rosary.ning.com/profiles/blogs/archbishop-lefebvre-address-to-his-priests-econe-1990

The “new” SSPX knows it cannot have friendly relations with the conciliar hierarchy, unless the SSPX stops blaming these modernists for the revolution they are inflicting on the Church. So the SSPX re-casts the hierarchy as “victims” of the conciliar revolution, rather than its perpetrators. Recently, the SSPX said that, at Vatican II, “power within the Church passed … to the deluded victims of the Revolution.”  http://angeluspress.org/Books/SSPX-Modern-Crisis/The-Liberal-Illusion Implicitly, the SSPX makes us to understand that we should sympathize with – not blame – the hierarchy (who are the persons in power) because, after all, they are “victims”!

Of course, the truth is the opposite. The hierarchy during and after Vatican II, are not victims, but are the revolutionaries. When the new SSPX calls them victims, this is as false as saying that Martin Luther is a (deluded) victim of the Protestant Revolution, or Lenin is a (deluded) victim of the Communist Revolution in Russia.