Bishop Fellay wants to reach a deal and be recognized by modernist Rome. But first, he must show Rome that his priests and laymen are liberal enough to follow him into the conciliar church.

In 2012, Rome turned down a pending deal because it feared too many priests and laymen would leave and start a Resistance, as Archbishop Lefebvre did in the 1970s. So, Bishop Fellay intensified his brainwashing1 efforts to liberalize his followers and transform them into tolerators.

The “new” SSPX floods its priests and followers with ambiguous statements and favorable words about the conciliar church.2 So far, the SSPX has successfully kept almost all priests and laymen “sound asleep” and accepting the liberalization of the “new” SSPX, without pushback. Most falsely assume that Bishop Fellay and other leaders in the new society know best. They also take comfort in the large number of misguided, complacent souls who tolerate the “new” SSPX’s increasing liberalism, believing there is safety in numbers. Big mistake!

A good example of the “new” SSPX’s effort to have followers accept the conciliar church as necessary and normal, is a statement with pictures in the “new” SSPX seminary newsletter #17, December, 2016, called: “Anniversary Dedication.” Read the “Anniversary Dedication” statement below.

As you read this statement, keep in mind the evil conciliar church wars against the Catholic Church and that the cathedral mentioned is the enemy’s headquarters, with daily sacrileges (viz., the new mass). While you read this Anniversary Dedication statement (below), mentally give its words and phrases their true meaning in our war against liberalism:

Below is the “new” SSPX’s seminary’s Faith-destroying statement:

Anniversary Dedication

On Nov. 29, St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary celebrated the anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral of Richmond by offering Solemn Mass and Vespers. In this annual commemoration, the Seminary prays for the local Ordinary, Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo,4 as well as for his diocese, in which our Seminary resides. This traditional practice of commemorating the anniversary of the dedication of the local cathedral manifests the hierarchical character of the Catholic Church.

This dedication is from a so-called “traditional” seminary forming future N-SSPX priests. (Increasingly, it is plain they are very liberal priests.) It’s also a statement made to convince the “new” SSPX’s followers to accept the conciliar church just as the pastors, seminary, and leaders of the “new” SSPX do. Remember, we are at war, fighting for souls, and it’s no time to allow any liberal effort to materialize without exposing it and fighting back.

Don’t be fooled. This dedication ceremony is not praying that those conciliar revolutionaries return to the Catholic Faith. Fr. le Roux (the seminary rector) is joining with those in the false conciliar religion in prayers of praise and thanksgiving in honor of the cathedral which the enemy occupies.

The propers of this Mass celebrating the Richmond cathedral, are called Terribilis est (referring to the first words of the Introit). This Mass is meant for a Catholic cathedral, not one occupied by the revolutionary enemies of God’s true Church. Because this Mass is not intended for use to commemorate the headquarters of the false conciliar religion, these Mass propers declare (regarding the commemorated building) that it is the house of God, and the gate of heaven [Introit] and is a holy temple [Collect]. It contradicts our Catholic Faith to praise this enemy-occupied cathedral in that way!

These Mass propers also unfittingly pray (regarding the Richmond cathedral) that whosoever entereth this temple to seek blessings may rejoice to obtain all that he seeketh [Collect], and that I will worship toward Thy holy temple [Gradual], even though this evil place is a most unfitting place to pray because of daily sacrileges committed there and because it is occupied by a false religion.

The propers of this Mass unfittingly apply to this conciliar cathedral— which now is a place of sacrilege—the words This place was made by God a priceless mystery, it is without reproof. [Gradual] and also unfittingly apply to this cathedral the words: My house shall be called the house of prayer, saith the Lord: every one that asks therein, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, it shall be opened. [Communion]

It is evil to join the conciliar celebration honoring Richmond cathedral, which has been occupied by the new conciliar religion for about 50 years, just like it is evil to join the Anglican heretics to celebrate the dedication of the cathedral of Canterbury, England, which was Catholic 500 years ago but now is occupied by a false religion. Real Traditional Catholics would never join in prayer with a false religion, to honor a building which that false religion stole, whether the theft was 50 years ago or 500 years ago!

While, in charity, we ought to pray for those in the conciliar church that they return to the true Catholic Church, the Church forbids joining in prayer with members of a false religion.5 Praying with the enemy to celebrate the anniversary of their headquarters (and not for their conversion to tradition), is appalling! Pope Francis6 did the same, and he appreciates the “new” SSPX for doing so because it lends acceptability to when he prayed with the Lutherans in Sweden on the 500th anniversary of Luther’s attack against the Catholic Church. This also will go far to convincing Pope Francis that the “new” SSPX is now liberal enough, and it is now safe to make a deal, with the loss of very few to the Resistance.

I address this article to you readers who still attend and finance the “new” liberal SSPX, mistakenly believing that you are not thereby harmed and do harm. It is wishful thinking to believe that the SSPX has not changed and become liberal.

Do not assume your salvation is still on track. Do not comfort yourself by your private disapproval of the “new” SSPX’s liberalism. In reality, you “own” all aspects of the liberal “new” SSPX and your support both scandalizes many and proves your acceptance of the liberalism.

Nor will God accept the excuse at your Judgment, that you did not know about much of the “new” SSPX’s liberalism because you were “too busy” to stay informed. You know enough of the “new” SSPX’s liberalism so you have a duty to inquire further and stay informed.

Other people can’t read your minds, so it is only reasonable that they believe you do not object to what the “new” SSPX does or says. Those people think that, if you really objected to the “new” SSPX’s liberalism, then you would leave. They are correct: you should leave!

We have much to pray for, especially for those being deceived into accepting the “new” SSPX’s liberalism, which Rome requires as a condition for a deal.

Many souls are at stake. We must fight for them, pray for them, and speak up against the “new” SSPX which has hijacked Archbishop Lefebvre’s Resistance Movement, (i.e., the “old” SSPX).

  1. Brainwashing is:
    • a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic ... religious beliefs ... and to accept contrasting, regimented ideas; and
    • persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

    See the definitions at Webster’s Dictionary.

    Read also, Bishop Fellay’s own words (cited back to his ncregister.com interview), in which he declares that he is trying to change the thinking of his followers.

  2. The conciliar church is a new anti-Catholic Church founded at Vatican II, accepted by Rome, but which Archbishop Lefebvre rejected and vigorously fought.

    Here is a short list of the “new” SSPX’s promotion of conciliar liberalism, all quoted and cited back to SSPX sources.

  3. It is doubtful that this conciliar “bishop” is a valid bishop. See the explanation why his conciliar consecration makes it doubtful that he is a valid bishop.
  4. Catholic Candle note: DiLorenzo is a thoroughly conciliar revolutionary. He was known for promoting hula dancing at the new mass, while he was the (so-called) “bishop” of Honolulu. Read the entry about DiLorenzo and “liturgical” hula dancing in the Encyclopedia of American Folk Life.
  5. See, the quotes from the Catholic Church’s Councils which forbid this praying with other religions, found here: Lumen Gentium Annotated, by Quanta Cura Press, pp. 142-43, © 2013, available at scribd.com (free) & at Amazon.com (sold at cost).
  6. Sedevacantism is wrong and Catholic Candle is not sedevacantist. In fact, we published a nine-part series setting out the errors of sedevacantism (and also why it is wrong to believe that former Pope Benedict XVI continues to be pope).

    It is wrong to think that this present article gives any support to sedevacantism. The ordinary of each diocese holds the jurisdictional authority of the Catholic Church but also promotes a new religion, as its local revolutionary commander. It is un-Catholic to decide that we know that particular persons who promote the conciliar church, must no longer be Catholic. That is the sin of rash judgment. Read the explanation.