As the SSPX has increasingly pursued the path of conciliar liberalism, Fr. Christian Bouchacourt has been one of the SSPX rising stars. He praised the holiness of conciliar popes, denied Catholic teaching that the Jews committed Deicide, and betrayed the Catholic truth in many other ways. (For more information, please see our writeup from earlier this year.)

Fr. Bouchacourt’s prominent liberalism made his SSPX promotion inevitable (or at least, likely). Id. In August 2014, he was promoted to become District Superior of France, one of the two most prestigious districts and the one with the largest number of SSPX priests. Id.

This is an ongoing trend: Menzingen purges the less liberal superiors and promotes the more liberal leaders. Three prominent examples of purged conservatives, are:

During the past few days, the SSPX has announced another example of purging the more conservative superior and promoting the strong liberal. Effective in August 2015, Fr. Paul Morgan will no longer be District Superior of England and will begin a sabbatical. See, the May-June 2015 St. John’s Bulletin (newsletter of the SSPX Ireland), p.12.

Fr. Morgan was, perhaps, the most conservative SSPX district superior remaining, after the removal of Fr. de Cacqueray in 2014.

Fr. Morgan is replaced as District Superior of England, by Fr. Robert Brucciani, who is prior of the SSPX autonomous house in India (until August 2015), and had been responsible for publishing the SSPX’s Flying Squirrel magazine. The SSPX India’s Flying Squirrel was perhaps the most modernist SSPX publication in the world. Thus, it was inevitable (or at least, likely), that Fr. Brucciani would be promoted to become an SSPX major superior.

The Flying Squirrel promoted Pope Francis’ conciliar errors, as well as taught new age centering techniques and much more evil. Read more here.

When the Flying Squirrel was circulated in many English-speaking countries, its heterodoxy caused such a protest that Fr. Brucciani defended the Flying Squirrel by condemning those who objected and blaming the protests on the scurrilous campaign of the dishonourable priests who have the effrontery of calling themselves the ‘Resistance’.1

Fr. Brucciani’s promotion to major superior, was so predictable that it was predicted. In January 2014, an open letter to Bishop Fellay analyzed the poisonous Flying Squirrel (for which Fr. Brucciani was responsible) and told Bishop Fellay:

Based on your track record, we think that your most likely reaction to the Flying Squirrel will be to give a promotion to India’s SSPX prior [Fr. Robert Brucciani] (who is responsible for this publication), making him an SSPX major superior.

Bishop Fellay has now fulfilled this prediction.

  1. Here is Fr. Brucciani’s entire defense, in his own words. Note: Catholic Candle has confirmed the authenticity of this posted version of Fr. Brucciani’s statements, from someone receiving it directly from him.