Increasingly, the new SSPX does not follow the doctrinal positions of Archbishop Lefebvre. In fact, Bishop Fellay cynically remarked that “one can make Archbishop Lefebvre say whatever one wants”. April 11, 2014, DICI #294, p.10.

But in order to lull its faithful to sleep, the new SSPX claims all the more strenuously that it is following Archbishop Lefebvre. The new SSPX treats him more like a mascot than a doctrinal guide. The new SSPX focuses on outward appearances, with ever-more pictures of its founder, on SSPX websites.

Here is one recent instance, in which the SSPX promotes an ode to its founder’s smile. The SSPX says this poem was “inspired” by the movie it is selling about its founder. http://sspx.org/en/news-events/news/there-something-his-smile-5485