Self-promotion & puffery as well as cashing-in on our fallen nature’s propensity for self-indulgence

Shouldn’t traditional Benedictine monks give an example of humility and self-effacement? That is not the message from Silver City’s Benedictines. They promote themselves by saying that “just when you thought” their own coffees were so exquisite that they “couldn’t get any better”, now their coffees have gotten even more excellent. Then, using the word “we”, they tell the reader what they do to make such great new coffees. http://sspx.org/en/news-events/news/3-special-coffees-abbey-roast-5696

Shouldn’t faithful, Benedictine monks promote simplicity of life, poverty of spirit and self-denial? Why are Silver City’s monks selling gourmet, expensive coffees? Shouldn’t those monks be urging Catholics to not spend money on luxuries and not to pamper themselves? Instead, these monks clothe self-indulgence with the Benedictine cowl. Id.