Every religious community should have a leader for organization and to give a sense of direction and permanence. It’s possible God has already selected a leader for the Resistance, but that individual refuses to step forward out of a false sense of humility or fear of a firestorm of slander from Menzingen.

That said, there are practical reasons for having a leader. How can membership in the Resistance be expected to increase more rapidly with so much uncertainty about the Mass schedule, or an assured priestly visit for the Last Sacraments, etc.? Better organization will make much better use of Resistance priests’ time, with greater soul-saving results.

I understand why there are not even more priests leaving the N-SSPX for the Resistance. The priests have no idea how the majority of their fellow priests feel about liberalism permeating the N-SSPX. Instinctively they know they should trust no one and keep their mouths shut.

The iron fist of Menzingen is over each of their heads to see that they toe the (new liberal) line: Accept the Modernism and don’t you dare say one word against the coming recognition from Modernist Rome. SSPX priests confirm this fact. Based on that, it’s likely that a priest with relatives in the Resistance better not talk to them either. Or even dare to preach the truth if it’s against the current liberalism of the N-SSPX leaders. It’s Bishop Fellay’s way or “the highway.” If the priests were free to speak their minds, I don’t believe there would be a pending deal with the corrupt Rome of Pope Francis, and the new Society could avoid mass defections of priests and laymen.

I believe each priory has a “Monitor” to ensure all the priests there have their minds “right” concerning the coming deal with Modernist Rome.

It’s possible that priests willing to join the Resistance may believe that without a confirmed leader, the permanence and stability of the Resistance is in question. This could also be a problem for laymen. Laymen may be depending on their pastor too much, feeling that if the pastor stays no matter what, then their Faith is safe if they remain. Big mistake!

A reminder to pastors: By your willingness to accept creeping liberalism, you are responsible for the weak-willed laymen’s salvation in your parish. Don’t forget that you are always setting an example and always will have dependent parishioners.

Archbishop Lefebvre had a more difficult decision to stand up for Tradition against the majority of liberal church leaders, and start the Society of St. Pius X. He was all but alone taking on this uphill struggle. Today, joining the Resistance is just a continuation of Archbishop Lefebvre’s fight started 50 years ago.

Most laymen do not have the fortitude to follow their conscience. They need a leader to show the way and help them feel comfortable with this momentous decision.

Priests and laymen in the Resistance are not, by nature, followers. They see a problem and move to solve it. But a priest willing and able to take the next step and lead this movement is a question each must ask himself. They need to reinforce the certainty in their minds that God will provide for sure.

God will provide a leader for the Resistance when we deserve one. However, we must be humble and must persevere in prayer and patience. We must trust in Divine Providence.

Being the leader in today’s Resistance is like Archbishop Lefebvre leading a Resistance after the Second Vatican Council in the 70s. Members of the Resistance are praying and waiting for a priest or bishop to accept God’s call.