Catholic Candle note: Articles, such as the one below, not only show the N-SSPX’s ever-increasing liberalism, but also remind us (by contrast) of the core principles of the uncompromising Traditional Catholic Faith.
The problem with the modernist hierarchy is not that they never teach anything true, but that they mislead Catholics by mixing truth with error.
The “new” SSPX is guilty of this same injustice (although we grant that they mix fewer errors with the truth).
The conciliar church and N-SSPX thus work on the same principle as people who put out poison-laced food in their homes to kill pests.
For example, Fr. Yves le Roux, rector of the SSPX’s U.S. seminary, teaches the man-centered error arising from Vatican II, that God’s only end is man’s happiness.
Read Fr. le Roux’s own words, quoted from his own letter, here: ../priests/leroux-another-false-teaching.html
For another example of Fr. le Roux’s poison mix, read Fr. le Roux’s own words, quoted from his own letter, here: ../priests/leroux-says-god-hopes.html
(The Catholic truth is that God does all He does for His own glory, contrary to what Vatican II and Fr. le Roux say.)
Recently, Fr. le Roux distorted and watered down the message of Fatima. He falsely claimed:
In Fatima, the Most Blessed Virgin ... has let us know that, from now on, the only penance that God expects of us is the faithful accomplishment of our duty of state.
Quoted from Fr. le Roux letter to friends and benefactors, dated February 1, 2018 (emphasis added).
Here is the longer quote from his letter:
In Fatima, the Most Blessed Virgin insisted, vigorously and repeatedly, that penance is much needed in this apostate world. Maternally, in her goodness, she has let us know that, from now on, the only penance that God expects of us is the faithful accomplishment of our duty of state.
Emphasis added.
“State” is a word for calling, for example, spouse, parent, worker in some profession or occupation, clergy, teacher, consecrated religious, and so on. By pursuing such callings, one takes on responsibility for certain work, called his “duty of state”.
Our “duty of state” means that we do the duty of spouses and parents, if that is our state in life.
The Baltimore Catechism #3 explains regarding the married state as follows:
Q. 1010. What are the chief ends of the Sacrament of Matrimony? A. The chief ends of the Sacrament of matrimony are: (1) To enable the husband and wife to aid each other in securing the salvation of their souls; (2) To propagate or keep up the existence of the human race by bringing children into the world to serve God; (3) To prevent sins against the holy virtue of purity by faithfully obeying the laws of the marriage state.
Baltimore Catechism #3, Q. 1010.
Similarly, we must do the duty of consecrated religious, if we are in that state.
In The Catechism Explained, Spirago explains regarding the unmarried state:
The unmarried state is better than the married, because those who do not marry have far more opportunity for attending to their spiritual welfare, and can attain a higher degree of glory hereafter.
The Catechism Explained, Spirago, Benziger © 1921, Section II, The Sacraments, subsection 7. Matrimony, subheading: The Unmarried State, page 667 (emphasis added).
Likewise, we must do the duty of priests, if we are in that state
The Council of Trent Catechism explains regarding the ecclesiastical state as follows:
But they, on the other hand, who are lawfully called by God, and who undertake the ecclesiastical state with the single motive of promoting the honor of God, are truly said to enter the Church by the door.
Council of Trent Catechism, The Sacrament of Holy Orders, subheading: Right Intention (emphasis added).
, etc.
Thus, Fr. le Roux falsely claims, and falsely attributes to the Blessed Virgin Mary, that God requires no one to do any penance besides the work required by one’s calling.
Fr. le Roux’s claim is false and ignores much of what Our Lady of Fatima said.
For example, our Lady of Fatima came:


Let us remember always that Our Lady came to Fatima to tell people worldwide, regardless of duties of state, to devote themselves to Her Immaculate Heart, to observe the five First Saturdays, to pray, and to sacrifice to atone for sin and save souls from hell.
Don’t listen to the SSPX, because they teach error and downplay the truth.