The “new” SSPX has been steadily creeping toward full acceptance of the new mass for years. To take just a few examples:
Bishop Fellay blames the dispute between the Vatican and the SSPX concerning the new mass, on how “profound” Archbishop Lefebvre’s “motives” were and the bewilderment of the SSPX priests and followers because they were “fed up” with the “way in which the new mass was being celebrated.”
Here is the longer quote from Bishop Fellay, starting with the question:

Q: Cardinal Ratzinger was a connoisseur and veteran promoter of Catholic Tradition and a friend of the Traditional Mass; why couldn’t he reassure the Archbishop?

Bishop Fellay: He did not understand how profound the Archbishop’s motives were or how bewildered the faithful and the priests were. Many were simply fed up with the post-conciliar scandals and nuisances and with the way in which the new Mass was being celebrated. If Cardinal Ratzinger had understood us, he would not have acted that way. And I think that he regretted it. That is why he then tried as Pope to repair the damage with the Motu Proprio and lifted the excommunication. We are truly grateful for his attempts at reconciliation.

Thus, according to Bishop Fellay, the dispute over the new mass was not that the new mass was inherently bad but because it was not implemented properly.
Bishop Fellay declares that the new mass is good but not as good at the Traditional Mass. This is the position of all of the indult groups. (Similarly, the Williamson group says the new mass gives grace.)
Read Bishop Williamson’s words, quoted to his own sources, here: ../priests/williamson-least-contaminated-mass.html
Bishop Fellay compares the new mass to a tin trumpet, whereas the Traditional Mass is a silver trumpet. Here are his words:
If you welcome a head of state and have the choice between a silver trumpet and a tin trumpet, do you use the tin trumpet? That would be an insult; you don’t do that. And even the best new Masses are like tin trumpets in comparison to the old liturgy. We have to use the best for the dear Lord.
Bishop Fellay June 30, 2018 interview.
Bishop Fellay declares that “not every new Mass is a scandal immediately”.
Bishop Fellay June 30, 2018 interview.
When the interviewer asked him about his prior characterization of the new mass as “empty [and] insipid”, Bishop Fellay replied that he was using “a bit of rhetoric”.
Here is the longer quote from Bishop Fellay, starting with the question:

Q: In a sermon you said recently: “How could they ever dare to make such a wretched, such an empty, insipid Mass? You cannot honor God that way.” Yet the new Mass even today is for Catholic believers the most precious thing in their life, and even today the Church is producing martyrs and saints. Why do you not differentiate in your preaching?

Bishop Fellay: I agree that in theological discussion one must make distinctions. But in a sermon you cannot present everything so theologically. A bit of rhetoric is part of it, also, to shake up souls a little and to wake people up and to open their eyes.

Collecting Bishop Fellay’s position from these statements (above) and his actions, we see:
In light of the above, it is no surprise that Bishop Fellay refers to the new mass as “Holy Mass” when discussing it. Here are his words:
Last year, ... Cardinal Müller decided to revise the text and to demand a clearer acceptance of the Council and of the legitimacy of the Holy Mass.
Bishop Fellay June 30, 2018 interview.


Let no one deceive himself by wishful thinking, that the “new” SSPX is Traditional any longer. Beware! Leave the N-SSPX while you still have the Catholic Faith!