July 14, 2015
Feast of St. Bonaventure

Subject: A “staged” interview with Bishop Fellay by Present on June 28, 2015. An interview to deceive the faithful into believing Rome is trustworthy and leaning traditional, which it surely is not.

Dear Catholic Candle,

Bishop Fellay just can’t be as over-the-top naive as he sounds in this interview. He has another motive in mind when he alleges that Benedict XVI has an interest in the liturgy in general. He truly wished to put the entire traditional liturgy, not only the Mass, at the disposition of the priests and the faithful. It’s clear he really doesn’t believe this because no thinking traditionalist would, based on Benedict’s disgraceful record of Modernism. Actions speak louder than words.

I believe Bishop Fellay’s real motive is to paint Rome as leaning traditional as a result of the SSPX’s doctrinal discussions with Rome. In reality, it is obvious they were a failure for the Traditionalists and a gain for the Modernists. Think Bishop Fellay and his efforts to make a deal with Modernist Rome.

The next point Bishop Fellay wants us to believe is that Pope Francis, with the best of intentions, keeps his promises to help the Society obtain Argentinean State recognition of the SSPX as Catholic. He’s trying to persuade us that the new Pope, like Benedict XVI, is helping Tradition when needed. Again, I don’t think he believes this, but he wants us to believe it. Also, that Rome is changing so that a deal with Rome would be no problem for the Society.

The next statement of Bishop Fellay to help us understand just how helpful Rome can be is that it’s “a sign of good will” when Rome graciously made him a judge of first instance for a trial of a Society priest. Looks like the rumors are true: We already have a deal with Rome, even without a signature. This includes visits to SSPX seminaries by Modernist Cardinals and Bishops. Bishop Fellay claims that this link with the church is vital. How, I ask, could such visits possibly help to bring back Christ the King and fight for Tradition? Of course they cannot. But what they will do is soften up the seminarians to Modernism. And what was the reaction from Rome on the visits? They were very satisfied. Much the same as a fly’s (seminarians’) visit to a spider’s web—very satisfactory, said the spider (Rome).

Bishop Fellay describes the “Resistance” as a non-Catholic spirit that is almost sectarian. As you know, he couldn’t be further from the truth. But what else could he say when losing more priests and laymen from the SSPX as time goes by and people start to wake up.

The last straw is when Bishop Fellay, upon wholeheartedly accepting the pending introduction of the sacred traditional Offertory into the sacrilegious Novus Ordo “Mass,” states that it would be bringing health back to the Church. I think it would be a great step forward. Think of this as the beginning step to a hybrid Mass.

Is there any doubt that when Rome puts together the coming hybrid “Mass” that priests and faithful who haven’t left the SSPX yet will not only attend and offer this disastrous hodgepodge, but will promote it! And you thought it couldn’t get any worse. Well, it surely will.

Please, Lord, help us. We will not survive without Thee and Thy Mother.