The crisis in the Church’s human element is a loss of Faith. All other conciliar problems flow from that problem. Bishop Fellay does not understand this fact. He instead claims the problem is particularly a lack of priestly manpower to hear confessions. He states:

Allow me to make use of an image. When a fire is raging, everyone understands that those who have the means to do so must endeavor to put it out, especially if there is a shortage of firefighters. So it is that through all fifty years of this terrible crisis that has shaken the Church, particularly the tragic lack of confessors, our priests have devoted themselves to the souls of penitents, invoking the case of emergency foreseen by the Code of Canon Law.

Bishop Fellay Letter #85, dated November 21, 2015 (emphasis added).

The priest shortage flows from the loss of Faith. But the problem with conciliar confessors is not that they are few in number (since most conciliar Catholics rarely go to confession). The truth is, even one conciliar confessor is too many because such confessors are part of the conciliar church and are modernists or compromisers of various “stripes”. “Please, Dear Lord, grant us uncompromising, anti-liberal priests!”

Bishop Fellay Fears that the Conciliar Revolutionaries don’t Guide the Faithful Enough

The members of the hierarchy are all conciliar revolutionaries and are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Every one of them accepts the new mass and the core evils of Vatican II. But Bishop Fellay does not fear that the conciliar hierarchy is leading the faithful in the wrong direction. He fears the opposite—that they do not lead the faithful enough! He recently wrote:

Short of a miracle, it is to be feared that now souls will be left on their own even more and will no longer find any support from the hierarchy as a whole, although that guidance is necessary.

Bishop Fellay Letter #84, dated May 24, 2015.

It is true that the guidance of good shepherds is very important. But the guidance of bad shepherds is worse than no guidance at all. The sheep are better off without these wolves (in sheep’s clothing).