With these and similar professions of warm, friendly relations with Pope Francis, don’t expect the new-SSPX to ever state the plain truth that Pope Francis preaches heresy!1 On April 10, 2016, Bishop Fellay specifically stopped short of saying that Pope Francis utters heresy or talks nonsense. Here are Bishop Fellay’s words:

[T]here are so many—up to prelates and cardinals; we would almost say all the way up to the Pope—who not only talk nonsense, but utter heresies that are an open path to sin.

Emphasis added.

We leave aside Bishop Fellay’s obvious error in basic catechism, when he says that heresy is a “path to sin” rather than that it IS a mortal sin. Baltimore Catechism No. 3, Q. 472.

  1. In other words, Pope Francis is a material heretic, although we do not judge his interior culpability. Catholic Candle explains the distinction between material and formal heresy, and why it is a mortal sin of rash judgment to conclude that we know Pope Francis is not pope because he is a formal heretic.