On April 10, 2016, Bishop Fellay stated that Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, The Joy of Love, is a summary of the two synods on marriage and is like a beautiful boat with a very small hole below the water line. Here are his words:

This Exhortation is the summary of the two Synods on marriage. It is very long, it contains many things that are correct and beautiful, but after building what I was about to call a fine building, a beautiful boat, the Supreme Pontiff cut a hole into the hull of the boat, beneath the flotation line, and you all know what happens then. What difference does it make that the hole was made with every possible precaution? What difference does it make that the hole is very small? The boat leaks.

Emphasis added.

Pope Francis’ Exhortation is crafty modernism. There is not just a “very small” leak in a “beautiful boat” (viz., in the Exhortation). This document is a complete shipwreck!

Bishop Fellay’s analogy shows how soft he has become—because most boats have small leaks. That is why boats have bilge pumps—to remove the water from very small leaks. A very small leak is not ideal but can be accommodated.