Dear Catholic Candle:

Subject: Fr. Bouchacourt communiqué of July 2, 2015—“to kill the messenger”

I reply to the above communiqué with a question: When it comes to attacks against the traditional Catholic Faith, how tolerant will the SSPX faithful be, before they speak up?

Well, the Dominicans of Avrille, France (the “messenger” in this case) could tolerate them no longer, i.e., Bishop Fellay and his staff attacking the traditional Catholic Faith and their efforts to liberalize the SSPX. (See below, a partial list of their efforts.)

The Dominicans, very conscious of the above list, said “enough is enough” and could remain quiet no longer. They began to speak up loud and clear. So Bishop Fellay sent Fr. Bouchacourt into action against the messengers.

The question I ask to your readers, is: how tolerant are you now and how tolerant are you going to be in the future? Those in the Resistance (and the Dominicans) have had enough of Bishop Fellay and his staff leaning liberal and are taking action. How about you joining us and fighting back, for the Mystical Body of Christ and the restoration of the Society to 100% Tradition?