Catholic Candle note: The article below was written by a man who has always been Traditional Catholic and who has been continually fighting liberalism since before Vatican II.

There is a crisis in the Catholic Church, and a big reason for this is that Catholics wrongly believe they can safely put their salvation in the hands of Catholic religious leaders.  The followers of the N-SSPX demonstrate cowardice, weakness, and laziness by using this approach. 
Let’s “ask” St. Pius X what he thinks about this approach:
In our time, more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men .... All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easy-going weakness of Catholics.
Pope St. Pius X, Discourse on the Beatification of Joan of Arc, December 13, 1908.
After Vatican II, in the 1960s and ‘70s, church leaders emphatically stated Catholics must follow their pastors and their bishops if they wanted to remain Catholic.  That was at the time, and still is today, the easy way out.  No need to do research, question changes, stand up for traditional Catholic Doctrine and suffer the harsh criticism that will come.  The cowards whined, “How can our good religious leaders all be wrong?”  They were repeatedly directed to “Just do what your priests and bishops tell you and you’ll be saved.”  (A bit like “Pay, pray and obey.”)  Similarly, the N-SSPX demands that we follow liberal Bishop Fellay and the other leaders because they received “the grace of state”. (The modernists in Rome also received the “grace of state” and neither they, nor the N-SSPX leaders, have cooperated with that grace.)
Before Vatican II, Catholics could often rely on Church leaders to show them the sure path to salvation. But that changed with Vatican II, when you could not accept the leaders’ teachings—which are those of the new anti-Catholic conciliar church.  Thus, you are now forced to be on your own and to take full responsibility for your salvation without the help of their guidance. You have free will that will never be taken away, and you have a conscience that must be informed through study and prayer.
Every Catholic has enough grace through his baptism to do what is right.
Here is how Dom Guéranger teaches this truth:
When the shepherd turns into a wolf the first duty of the flock is to defend itself. ... The true children of Holy Church at such times are those who walk by the light of their baptism.
The Liturgical Year, Vol. IV, Dom Guéranger; Feast of St. Cyril of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church, February 9th (emphasis added).
Just as Catholics could often trust the Church leaders before Vatican II, likewise children of good parents can trust the good guidance of their parents as they are trained and reared in the shelter of the family “nest”. However, the child still has the major responsibility after reaching the age of reason and being able to determine right from wrong.  For example, if the parents tell their children that it is okay to eat meat on Fridays, it is still incumbent on the children to abstain (if they know their duty to abstain).  If the parents are not forming the child properly as Catholic tradition dictates, the child should ask for help from a trusted third party (e.g., a grandparent) who could step in with the parents’ approval.  If this is not possible, the child can conduct his or her salvation “in secret,” with the extra graces God would give.
In addition to the parents’ great responsibility, the grandparents have a secondary or minor responsibility in forming their grandchildren.  This responsibility must be exercised in a prudent way in order to keep peace in the extended family, if possible.
It is very difficult to save your soul today, with the promotion of the errors of V.C. II by leaders in the evil, revolutionary, conciliar church in Rome.  These leaders are doing their best to follow the modernist dictates of the devil and the Masons to destroy the Catholic Church and send souls to hell.  They surely are successful, when you consider how very few people still follow the uncompromising traditional Catholic Faith.  I estimate that less than 1% of those who call themselves Catholics really believe and practice the traditional Catholic Faith. Your salvation is your responsibility, and you cannot avoid this responsibility by delegating it. 
You certainly can help yourself by following the example of the saints, and only you can make that effort.  You should also follow the example and leadership of those who are holy and 100% traditional Catholic, after carefully researching to ensure that they are and remain uncompromising traditional Catholics.  
To save your soul in our times, there is no room for cowardliness, laziness, or weakness.  I believe these maladies affect most, if not all, of the followers and leaders of the N-SSPX and the new conciliar church.  Based on past history, those who believe they can leave their salvation in someone else’s hands, will never realize that they have lost their precious gift of the Faith.