It is obvious that there is a crisis in the human element of the Catholic Church. Making the situation worse, the SSPX and part of the Resistance have now succumbed to conciliar error.1

First Error: Excessive Desire to Follow Other Catholics

Because so few Catholics still defend the full Catholic truth, they might easily second-guess themselves as they realize that everyone else has given in. But remember that faithful Catholics have seemed few and alone before, for example:

The same is true now, with so few in the uncompromising Resistance. But, as always, the great Doctors of the Catholic Church guide and reassure us.

Even in St. Gregory the Great’s time, most Catholics strayed from the true path. But he reassured those who remained not to fear standing alone for Christ and His Church, saying:

It should not frighten you that in the Church the bad are many and the good, few. For the Ark, which in the midst of the Flood was a figure of the Church, was wide below and narrow above, and at the summit measured but one cubit (Genesis vi:16). And we are to believe that below were the four-footed animals and serpents, above the birds and men. It was wide where the beasts were, narrow where the men lived: for the Holy Church is indeed wide in the number of those who are carnal-minded, narrow in those who are spiritual. For where she suffers the morals and beastly ways of men, there she enlarges her bosom. But where she has the care of those whose lives are founded on spiritual things, these she leads to the higher place; but since they are few, this part is narrow. Indeed, wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate that leadeth to life and few there are that find it (St. Matthew 7:13). The Ark is made narrow at the summit so that it is but one cubit wide: because, of those in the Church, the holier they are, the fewer they are.2

What was true in St. Gregory’s times, is also true in our times. Uncompromising Catholics must be of good heart and focus on the truth, not on numbers. They should not fear being alone and abandoned by false traditionalists who progressively adopt conciliar beliefs and weaker morals.

Second Error: the Sedevacantists Rashly Judging Bad Catholics are not Real Members of the Church

The wisdom of St. Gregory (quoted above) also refutes the sedevacantists’ assertion that the pope and conciliar Catholics are not members of the Catholic Church, because of their scandalous beliefs and conduct.3

We should not be surprised that, tragically, most Catholics are bad. As St. Gregory declared about his own time: “in the Church the bad are many and the good, few.” This same is even more true of our times, which are worse than his.

We should not rashly judge— as the sedevacantists do — that conciliar Catholics are not real members of the Catholic Church, because of their bad beliefs and conduct.4 They are Catholics, although objectively bad ones.


Let us be of good heart! Fear not to be alone for the love of Christ, in these times of Great Apostasy.

  1. For many quotes of the “new” SSPX’s liberalism taken from their own sources, go to this link: SSPX

    For many quotes of the Fake Resistance’s liberalism, especially their leader, Bishop Williamson, go to this link: Bp. Williamson & the False Resistance

  2. Sermon for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost, on the Gospel of St. Matthew, 22:1-13. Emphasis added. Note that Our Lord tells us that few are those who even find the narrow gate. Even fewer enter that gate!

  3. Read more about the sedevacantist error of rash judgment here: Rash judgment: concluding the pope is a formal heretic

  4. The chief reason sedevacantists rashly judge conciliar Catholics not to be real members of the Catholic Church, is because their membership would undermine the sedevacantists’ assertion that there is no pope.

    This is because conciliar Catholics unanimously declare Francis is pope. But whoever is recognized by all Catholics as pope, must be the pope. Thus, conciliar Catholics’ acceptance of Francis proves he is pope. If conciliar Catholics are not real members of the Catholic Church, then this obscures Pope Francis’s status. For more information on this issue, read this article: The man whom the whole Church accepts as pope, is the pope

    Further, regarding those who deny Francis is pope and who have chosen their own false “pope”: they deny conciliar Catholics are “real” members of the Catholic Church because the true pope is visible to all (and those various false “popes” are not visible throughout the world). Thus, by excluding virtually all Catholics besides themselves, they seek to bolster their “pope’s” status because he is visible to “all” Catholics (meaning themselves). For more information on this issue, read this article: The Catholic Church will always be visible and will always have a pope who is visible to all