In every article or book on spiritual matters the phrase “You must love God” is very prominent. Did you ever wonder if you love God enough to ensure your salvation? How do you know if you do? You don’t live in the desert with little food and water. You’re not a religious. You live in the world with your family. Do you possess enough love for God? How can you find out?

To go straight to heaven you must be a saint. To be a saint you must have deep-rooted love for God. Not sure if your love is deep-rooted?

There are two kinds of saints: the extraordinary saints, the type that lives in the desert, and ordinary saints who live in the world. There are different degrees and kinds of love. For your spouse, your family, your dog or cat, your teacher, etc. The dictionary states that love is affection based on admiration, a warm attachment, or devotion.

So, how do you know just where you stand with your love for God? To help you understand, let’s break it down in words that can be quantified and applied to your situation and spiritual life. Remember, actions speak louder than words. St. Matthew (7:21) says, “Not everyone that saith to Me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven.”

To make it simple, let’s start with the parents’ love for their family and apply it to your love for God. The parents deny themselves for the sake of the family. They promote and protect the family; they fight for the family when necessary; their whole life revolves around their family. They would die for the family. Their love is such that they cannot do otherwise. Now, that is deep-rooted love. Let’s apply the same points of parental love to you and your love for God.

  1. Do you deny yourself for God?
  2. Do you fight for, defend, and protect Christ and His Mystical Body?
  3. Does your whole life revolve around His traditional Catholic Church, doing His will, and exposing His detractors who are promoting error? With a deep-rooted love for God, you can do no less.
  4. Do you promote God’s word and His Mystical Body?
  5. Do you always accept completely your daily crosses from God?
  6. Do you fear death?

If you fail to put into effect all the above six points, you do not have that deep-rooted love for God, and you have work to do.

Let’s detail each item for better understanding, and if you want to, arrive at a numerical score. Grade yourself on each of the six items from 1-10, a 10 being a great love for God and no hesitation in following through on the items in question. Post your score to the right of each item.

  1. Do you deny yourself for God?
    1. Give what you can to charity?
    2. During Advent and Lent, abstain and fast as required and do without things you enjoy?
    3. Schedule prayers, meditations, and spiritual reading as your time permits?
    4. Attend and promote traditional religious services when offered, no matter how far away?
    5. Join and promote the Resistance?
  2. Do you fight for, defend, and protect Christ‘s Mystical Body?
    1. When Christ‘s Mystical Body is under attack by liberalism, do you fight for and defend traditional doctrine, regardless of the consequence?
    2. Refuse to be part of, or support, anything that is not 100% traditional Catholic?
  3. Does your whole life revolve around God and His traditional Catholic Church?
    1. Your life and activities are based on God‘s will, setting a good example, living a life to please God and ensure your salvation and that of your family?
    2. Do you seek more time with God in prayer, like parents seek more time with their family?
  4. Do you promote God‘s word and His Mystical Body?
    1. With a crisis in the Church and in the N-SSPX, do you stand up and fight for tradition and expose and speak out against Liberalism and Modernism?
    2. Have you stopped supporting the liberal N-SSPX, and set a good example by joining the Resistance?
    3. With a deep-rooted love for God you cannot do otherwise. It is a strong inner feeling that if Our Lord and His Church are under attack, you just can‘t sit by and let it happen without aggressively fighting against and exposing the evil. In effect, you are unable to do otherwise.
  5. Do you always accept completely your daily crosses from God?
    1. Do you not only accept your crosses from God but you thank Him because you realize they are sent to aid in your salvation?
    2. Do you trust in God‘s love for you, so that you ask for additional crosses if it is His will?
  6. Do you fear death?
    1. You do not fear death, but also you don‘t seek it because you want to do more for God while you are on earth?

OK. Review your score to see where improvement is needed. I’m sure there is much satisfaction and happiness with a 60 score. If you have a score of 10 or less, you are in the conciliar church. A score of 30 or lower, you are a tolerator, still supporting the New Liberal Society of St. Pius X. And if you have an honest score of 55 or more, you would have to be in the Resistance. Review each item; note the low scores. Resolve to improve and to pray for help. And if you didn’t keep score, you didn’t really want to know. You were afraid of a low score with much work needed.

We all know God is exceedingly generous with each of us, to a point where we humbly feel we don’t deserve all the blessings we receive from Him. Be assured, God knows best! And if your salvation is on track, another cross may not be necessary. He can send blessings instead, as you were created to be happy on earth and with Him in Heaven.