Halloween is un-Catholic, which is why so many traditional Catholic priests have taught over the years, that Catholics should not observe this holiday.

Halloween, which the pagans call Samhein, is an ancient pagan feast still celebrated on October 31st, by witches and other pagans, and which pagans usually describe as being the most important feast of their (false) religions. See, e.g., “I’m Wiccan and This is What Halloween Means to Me” & witchway.net

Besides the opposition “on its face”, between Catholicism and paganism, there are many other ways that Halloween is the opposite of Catholic:

All of the above considerations leave entirely aside Halloween’s worldliness, consumerism, immodest costumes, etc.

Because Halloween is in many ways the opposite of Catholic, it is no surprise that Halloween is ever-more popular, as society sinks ever-further from true Catholicism. See “Halloween is big business” & “Ghoulishly good news for the Halloween economy”

Someone could reply that Halloween is “all just in fun” and is not meant to be serious. We reply: if a Catholic is willing to participate in un-Catholic things which are “all in fun”, where will he draw the line? If the practice of getting candy involved stamping on a crucifix “in fun”, would that be OK? How can we ever re-conquer society for Christ the King, if we take part in anti-Catholicism “in fun”?

So, what should a Catholic do? Do not take part in Halloween! Instead, celebrate All Saints Day even more than before! If there are “trick or treaters” where you live, we suggest you hang a sign on your door on Halloween, which says:

Dear Neighborhood Children:

Our family is Roman Catholic and so does not observe the pagan festival of Halloween. Therefore, we do not give out candy today.

However, tomorrow (November 1st) is the great Feast of All Saints and we would be very glad to see you then and give you candy, if you wish to come. Please come between 1pm and 8pm.

No costume is necessary. However, if you decide to dress up as a saint, we will gladly be even more generous with candy, to reward your efforts.

Wishing you all the best!

Your neighbors,

[your name here]