Catholic Candle note: We previously saw that cremation is barbaric and evil.
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However, the enemies of Our Lord promote cremation as a cheaper alternative to burial. Below, we address whether we can choose cremation instead of burial because cremation is (purportedly) cheaper.

First, because poverty never excuses sin. Inability to pay burial costs no more excuses cremation than inability to pay medical costs excuses killing someone (euthanasia). Even if euthanasia and cremation were free, they are still mortal sins.
Second, the cost savings of cremation (compared to burial) are often exaggerated. To cover the cost of burial, a poor person can ask all of his acquaintances for alms, and ask those who would otherwise send flowers to give burial donations instead. Then he can crowdfund the shortfall (e.g., create a “Go Fund Me” page) asking the public to help.
Third, one can bury a deceased loved one comparatively cheaply by forgoing all discretionary expenses, including:
God will help the bereaved relatives do their duty, and will bless them for their effort.